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  1. Do you like factory work? I worked at a factory for a few years and I loved having zero customer interaction.
  2. Hey! I was just in Portland a few days ago. I wish I planned it better and reached out to hang out. next time for sure. I would love to visit again, Portland is as amazing as everyone makes it out to be yo!
  3. I'm definitely getting the feeling that this thread died down? And I hope things aren't too much of a mess for you. I know i'm slowly coming back around from things getting pretty shitty in my life. I'm looking forward to halloween though. pretty stoked!
  4. hey so i pretty much disappeared from this thread. How is everyone?
  5. yeah you look like you had a ton of fun! I just got back from SF on thursday and I still feel like i'm dying. I need a whole day to sleep
  6. awesome thanks!! I'm hoping to try and make it down to Seattle today
  7. i totally forgot about RSD this year but i just saw Marcy Playground and now I'm tempted to go check it out. Jon what record store would you recommend I hit ?
  8. oh nice! i have heard a lot about voodoo donuts and i'll definitely add that to the list
  9. oh nice!! i haven't taken the train much but i've always loved it =) also, what kind of stuff would you recommend doing while in portland? anything off the top that i gotta do and will be bummed if i don't check it out?
  10. come on jon,...portland! 4 hour train ride. lol
  11. ha. well i've been in seattle for about 2 months and haven't met any of the seattle smalltalkers yet lol.
  12. awesome!! yeah i'll keep you updated. hopefully the butcher is in to hang out too?
  13. hey!! i may visit portland next weekend! i'll let you know if i am for sure
  14. sorry to hear this but i think something will happen soon. Most people I know couldn't get far enough in the Amazon interview for an onsite so i think you're really close to getting something awesome!
  15. I love all the seattle dogs. I went to a bar last weekend and there were dogs everywhere!! Definitely going to bring my dog there if i end up staying here.
  16. Damn Jon. Sorry to hear your flight got cancelled. Hopefully you can still have a cool vacation staying here. Maybe take the train to Portland? I'm looking forward to visiting there as soon as I get a break in my schedule. @chkadea glad to hear you had a fun trip! Hopefully they make you an offer!!
  17. that is pretty cool! Having a job where they value you as a person makes a huge difference! My current job seems to be very laid back. We pretty much make our own hours and just can't clock over 40 a week. It snowed last week and they told us we can just work from home if we wanted! That is completely new to me. my last job said to leave earlier than normal since it'll take longer to travel to work with the snow.
  18. i just used a cheap string of christmas lights and went around the kallax. worked pretty well.
  19. so i've worked jobs where calling in sick is not really an option. 2 years ago I had a small surgery on my hand with a doctor's note saying i needed 3 days off to recover and my work hassled me over it. I hate not really having the choice to stay home and be sick. I would just force myself to go and feel like I was dying the whole time and then go home and crash. it's not a good way to live.
  20. oooooooooooooh you gotta go!! it's off 4th street near pike street (i think). so you can use all the escalators to go up but i think it skips floors. you can get off at one of the floors and it slants down and turns into another floor. not sure if i'm describing that right but it's trippy. oooh and you take the elevator to go to the 4th floor which is that insane red floor i took a photo of. it was awesome!!!
  21. what are you watching on Netflix. I'm trying to find something new to watch
  23. congrats!! i'd be in for grabbing a coffee too if i'm not working
  24. I don't think my dog hated anything i played. she would always lay by the speaker and fall asleep. she's mostly deaf so I don't think any hearing damage was happening as a result.