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  1. Subpop has a local shop pick up option, which is awesome. No shipping fee and no rush of postal manhandling damage.
  2. Yeah, it went really smoothly for me, too. I also did the Friday night -- it's the night of choice for old men. LOL.
  3. Good luck. It will be the first test of these pre-sale codes, I suppose. I didn't see that Bowl show. (I hesitate to see them at such a large venue.) Palladium will be good though.
  4. Email from Recordstore.co.uk also has the web store double w/7", 300 copies. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Noonday-Dream-Exclusive-Double-LP/5TSU0000000?utm_campaign=recordstorecoukWeek15WeeklyMailerNoPurchers130418&utm_content=UMGUK12939-558969&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email
  5. Your wish-- SWB-- comes true: two LA dates, 9/20 & 21 with Cherry Tree presale on 4/16.
  6. Cherry Tree just went live. It's a fan membership from The National, which like other band programs includes perks such as an Exclusive Annual Vinyl release. I imagine that vinyl will be a 7", but that is just an assumption right now. $50 US per year. Details at this link: https://americanmary.com/cherry-tree/
  7. Ordered, about $43 with standard shipping to USA. Web store deluxe 2xLP comes with an exclusive bonus 7" Details from Website: THE DELUXE DOUBLE LP WITH 7” IS AN EXCLUSIVE FORMAT ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE OFFICIAL STORE. 2 x 180gsm heavyweight black vinyl plus bonus 7” single / Gatefold sleeve / printed inner bags / DL card / sticker .*** TRACKLISTING *** Nica Libres At Dusk Towing The Line A Boat To An Island On The Wall What The Moon Does Someone In The Doorway All Down The Mines (interlude) The Defeat A Boat To An Island, Part II / Agatha's Song There's Your Man Murmurations 7" Bonus Tracks Bird On A Wing Interlude
  8. WTB Typhoon - White Lighter (White Vinyl)

    There's a newish pressing (I think end of January) that's available through band's website that is solid white vinyl. Not the same as the original white splatter, but available to purchase and, according to Roll Call, was only a run of 1K copies. https://wearetyphoon.store/collections/music/products/white-lighter-cd
  9. There is a limited signed colored vinyl available for the campaign.
  10. Bump. If anyone has and is interested in parting with either the double H&T with ANKoH or the White "Common Sentiments" 7", please PM. Thanks! EDIT: found copies
  11. 2015 Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series Subscription On Sale Now! Greetings! Today we are incredibly excited to announce the 2015 Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series! The 2014 series sold out before we even mailed out the first 7", but since you signed up to learn more about next year we're offering you the first chance to subscribe to the 2015 series during a limited time "blind sale" before we announce the full artist line-up next month. While they last, Blind Sale subscriptions are just $100 (including free first class US shipping). Like the 2014 series, you'll get an exclusive new 2-song 7" each month from January to December -- all recorded on the same four-track tape machine. Plus, you'll get a custom designed box to hold your 7"s and a special poster -- all designed by critically acclaimed artist Jesse LeDoux (http://ledouxville.com) Are you as excited as us? Head here to subscribe now! P.S. You can keep this sale a secret, but also feel free to share with a friend. We won't be mad if you do :-)
  12. tUnE-yArDs - Nicki Nack

    http://carrefourcollaborative.bigcartel.com/product/fey-7-series-2 Not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this link, but I thought some people may be interested. I came across this split 7" on discogs with a Merrill Garbus/Thao Nguyen track. The link above is for a charity that is still selling copies for 10$ a piece and 2$ postage. I already got mine and thought I'd pass on the info in case anyone else is interested. (Details below on the single.) This is the second in a series of short run split 7" to benefit music schools in Haiti. Sida A features m e r r i l l t h a o c r a c y (tUnE-YaRdS' Merrill Garbus and Thao Nguyen) and Side B features White Hinterland. All 7"s come packaged in a canvas bag and feature an original 7x7 art print by an assortment of artists. Tracklist: m e r r i l l t h a o c r a c y: Tuvalu White Hinterland (featuring Alexis Gideon): Golden Child

    goes for 7-10$ on eBay, if anyone actually bids. Not too rare.
  14. Latest installment arrived: John Vanderslice and Hospitality (March and April), along with box, phonograph mat, t-shirt, and a pack of airheads. Pretty sweet.
  15. WTB Typhoon records

    Just an update, in case you're still interested in assorted Typhoon related releases. I was able to pick up a copy of The Black Black Black split with The Last Slice of Butter from Luckyhorse Industries at an extremely reasonable rate. Here is the link: http://www.luckyhorseindustries.com/collections/vinyl-1?page=3