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  1. stroke 9 - nasty little thoughts
  2. Thanks dude.
  3. Probably just something extra. Who knows what he's doing.
  4. And a Twitter account to go along with it. He had more stuff up, but deleted it. Twitter: @MaximumDra
  5. Instagram, twitter, and on the RAA page on Facebook. They came in a yellow bubble mailer.
  6. and for those who haven't seen it...this is on the bottom of the box itself. use your phone flashlight and you'll see this in the middle. the website doesn't work...yet.
  7. so far i think 8 or 9 people have come forward with the single acoustic 7. and the two extra b-sides are hidden as the backdrop when you open the box up, has stars on it. didn't seem like it was mentioned yet.
  8. Beats paying $250 or more of the original of TDTH. But I hear ya.
  9. The Distance To Here -First 2000 on Orange, thereafter on Black. Secret Samadhi -First 2000 on Sliver, thereafter on Black.
  10. turntable never notified me so if anyone comes across Jason Isbell, can you give me a heads up. please.
  11. I have the Mofi Test Pressing of Love Is Hell. One of my favorites!
  12. looking for these two: 1984 (yellow) gimme something good (gold)