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  1. I was at that show too. The new songs sound awesome live. I really enjoyed the addition of the saxophone to the old songs as well. I am curious what Ted Leo's draw in other cities is like as there was not a great turnout in Detroit
  2. Yeah I just made the site from scratch because it was how I wanted to organize my records Thats coming soon. Also working on bulk upload from a csv file
  3. Did anyone complete their download? The servers crashed
  4. 4 Colors, no pressing numbers, order here: https://shop.thehyv.net/collections/no-warning
  5. Chuck Ragan wax

    You would have been a millionaire in 2008
  6. PM me. Also have Star Wars Battlefront for $15 shipped
  7. PM me offers or requests for pictures. Everything in fine condition Bayside - Acoustic - clear smoke - /150 Gallows - Grey Britain - 2xLP red/clear/splatter Give Up The Ghost - Year one - 2x7" - clear/orange Loved Ones - s/t 10" - Clear w/ Pink and Black Splatter, red cover Lucero - Texas & Tennessee - blue/clear splatter /500 None More Black - File Under Black None More Black - THis is Satire - green Russian Circles - Station - 1000 gold/black Touche Amore - Is Survived By - 698 - Transparent Light Blue w/ poster Touche Amore - Parting the Sea - Red Touche Amore - s/t 7" - 500 Clear Gold Touche Amore - 2013 Box Set - clear, I will break this up True Love - New Young Gods - mint green /150
  8. WANTED: Saetia

  9. WANTED: Saetia

    I recently bought an original press of the Saetia LP on Discogs, but the record broke during shipping. The cover is fine. If for some reason someone has just the record please sell it to me. I am also looking for any versions of the Saetia 7 inches. Sale or Trade. List is in my sig
  10. Because this band sounds like if the hard times tried to make a band making fun of bands like this. I DONT NEED YOU OR THIS TOWN!
  11. Smoking Popes want list

    how much Jesus is gonna be in the book?