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  1. FS: Movie Monster - Transistor (2014 Graveface KickStarter)

    I wasn’t expecting it. It’s not even on Discogs. What price are you shooting for?
  2. It just came in the mail. I sold my vinyl ages ago. Anyone interested?
  3. Everything 4 Sale

  4. Everything 4 Sale

  5. Everything 4 Sale

    https://www.discogs.com/user/distinctlydustin/collection It's not updated. Prices in the for sell section might be crazy or old; I'll work with any of you. I'll even cut good deals for big orders. Some stuff has been sold and not taken out of the collection. Contact me @ [email protected] for faster response. I ship on Saturdays. Thanks!
  6. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    Thanks. However, will a standard hit retail?
  7. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    So, to skip s&h to the US... will these be hitting retail?
  8. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

    Will the standard end up in stores?
  9. Hole - Live through this vinyl reissue

    Well they get what they want, and they never want it again.
  10. Flenser Releases

    AYS and W&R. I didn't like the price of Deathcon.
  11. Flenser Releases

    I've decided I'm in for W&R, AYS, and Deathcon. I wish I could get all four, but I might have to cut Deathcon if the total is too much.
  12. Flenser Releases

    I really like it.