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  1. I'll be 30 in April haha
  2. Sending You Strength is up for pre-order:
  3. My local Goodwill does this awesome thing where if they feel like a record might fetch them more money they'll look up prices online. Had a copy of The Beatles A Hard Days Night for like $40 one time. That plus the ungodly amount of goddamn gospel records they have here in Missouri turned me off of even searching through them anymore. (I have a feeling gospel records may be a common thing at every Goodwill ever)
  4. Pre-orders are up for Coma Ecliptic: Live
  5. I'd really like a Dark Light repress as well. You know since there's yahoos like this asking ridiculous prices:
  6. Nuclear Blast America final has pre orders up for vinyl. Now I don't have to spend $20 to ship on top of record price. Limited Edition Box Set( CD-Digi, Red 2LP, photocard, three buttons, and slipmat): White Splatter: Green Splatter: Black:
  7. Bullmoose is no longer In Store Only.
  8. Straight from He Is Legends Instagram: We're really excited to finally announce that our fifth full length album, "few," will be released on Friday, April 28th, 2017. We are also extremely stoked to announce that we have teamed up with Spinefarm Records to release our new album. We spent a lot of time with this decision and feel they are the best team to help us reach our goal of getting this music out to the masses. Keep checking in for upcoming tour dates and teasers up through the release of the album. We'd like to personally thank everyone involved in our IndieGoGo campaign ‎and everyone who has expressed a continued interest in this band. You are the blood that keeps our heart beating. We couldn't have done this without you. ‎ - He Is Legend
  9. If anyone is into Trivium, Rarewaves-USA is selling the Ab Intitio Vinyl Boxset for$22.79+$3.99 shipping. They had two in stock, I snagged one.
  10. Cool. Thanks for the info. I'm having problems with not being able to listen to my record right now.
  11. The last thing I seen was Cory's post about the album and he said that all vinyl had shipped. That was on the 22nd.
  12. Wish we would have got a tracking number or at least shipping confirmation, my copy has yet to show up...
  13. August Burns Red Presents Sleddin' Hill $13.11 shipped