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  1. I think most folks who are into these bands don't really want to part with these records. I'm in a little bit the same boat. I saw them earlier this year and was able to snag a copy of Blood Eagle, but that's all I've got from Conan unfortunately. I should have sprung for all their stuff as it came out years back :/
  2. It applies to the point you made that people need to "speak with their wallet to let [them] know to bring over other bands" (we actually want to see) when other folks here have already expressed disappointment with the lineup. It may not apply specifically to you, I forget where you live and maybe decent to good US based bands never come near you or you're close enough that it's a day trip, but abstaining from going to something that isn't up to you standards is also "speaking with your wallet" and I'd imagine that with the announcements so far, most folks here are going to do just that. Had this fest brought a bunch of great Euro bands that are hard to see in the US, I would guess more folks who frequent this thread would go so far as to: get a plane ticket, get a hotel, get tickets to the fest, rent a car, pay for their meals, etc. and go support this. Spending nearly (or over) $1000 to go see a bunch of bands that, eh... you enjoy well enough but can see on a normal tour the following year/whenever isn't incentive to go out and spend that kind of cash. Hell, I saw Coastlands and ITTCT last year for like...twelve bucks. So: Let's break this down from where I am, about as far from Vermont as you can get in the US. 7 hours and $500+ gets me to Burlington...but at that point I don't have a ticket, a place to stay, any food, transportation have to understand that unless there is some absolutely killer band (preferably at least 3 or 4) that there is little chance to see in their hometown easily, people aren't willing to put up that kind of cash/commitment to go to something like this. "Speaking with your wallet" the way you were saying it is like saying "Hey, come pay $1000 for a lineup that is pretty good, but doesn't have the bands you were hoping for, all in the hope that next year you'll get to spend that much time and money again to see the festival you were originally hoping for (then a disclaimer that it may just be the same US based bands again the following year anyway because everyone came out showed so much support the year before). You'd have to be crazy to do something like that. Granted if you live nearby and you can get there with little time/money commitment beyond the ticket, great. Good for you, that's why you don't think that my comment applies. /rant But you get it now, right? (probably not)
  3. If I had to guess (which I am) I'd imagine the bundle variant is probably the more limited :/
  4. It's this kind of thinking that let's mediocre shit happen. If someone puts out a product, or puts on a festival that I'm not interested enough in to buy it on its own merits, I'm not going to spend money on it in hopes that something better will happen the following year/in the future. There is no reason to reward mediocrity.