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    Sleep - Vol. 2 (12" boot)
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  1. Haven't heard anything about these being pushed back at all, rapidly approaching the first set in the new reissues and still looks to be around the lowest price you're going to find. Plus if they're using different plates, the euro reissues in the last set seemed to be better from what I've read.
  2. You know it, brother.
  3. Yeah, it worked out well this way this time since I was looking to beef up a collection anyway, but for sure next time.
  4. It was super fun, everybody got a little tipsy and enjoyed some cheese and stuff. I'm definitely glad I ended up doing it this way. After I finish the original planned four if I'm going to keep going I'll have everyone bring their own bottle of something though so it'll be less expensive
  5. Say what? Try that again. Could be dirty, or if it's a popular track could have been overplayed and all messed up, could be a defect.
  6. Used record?
  7. I think you mean 33 1/3. Is track 3 the innermost track on that side?
  8. Ah, to be 18 and stupid again.
  9. Yup, we don't have sales tax in Oregon. Coheed was $28.99 I think.
  10. Cost me $26.
  11. I responded to my confirmation email, we'll see if that does the trick.
  12. Anyone know how to cancel an order through the D2C site? I managed to grab one today and don't want to spend another $45 on another copy of this thing.
  13. Everyone took their notes home with them, so I only have mine Anywho: Highland Park 12 year: Nose - red apple and clove Palate - clove, oak, smoke Finish - loooong finish, "band-aids" and rubber Aberlour A'bunadh batch 53: Nose - chocolate, cherry, coffee beans, maple syrup Palate - cherry, sherry, smoke, brown sugar Finish - short finish, pipe tobacco Oban Little Bay: Nose - Brown Sugar, molasses, mapel (after adding some water) Palate - very medicinal, slight brown sugar Finish - peat smoke, "band-aid" Clynelish 14 year: Nose - citrus (grapefruit?), brown sugar, smoke, overripe cherries, cotton Palate - maple, hard pretzels, cinnamon Finish - briny, pickling spices? Lagavulin 16: Nose - bike inner tube, medicinal taste, peat smoke, swamp water Palate - grass, pipe tobacco Finish - long finish, lots of rubber taste Everyone was kind of all over on these, seemed like one of my buddies preferred the A'bunadh, and one really liked Lagavulin. I have to say I'm not sure I had a favorite. Everything tasted so different. I did really enjoy the Clynelish, but I could see liking certain ones more than others depending on the night. All delicious. I'm going to try to do the bourbon tasting next time, so that should be sometime in May. Hopefully I'll be able to get it scheduled around Derby time.