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    Sleep - Vol. 2 (12" boot)
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  1. I have the same hopes, but my expectation is that it isn't :/
  2. Ah, so you're just rehashing the tired, boring, "I hate flippers" opinion that most here already share. Cool, cool... ::yawn::
  3. Whether people buy from people reselling this or not has absolutely zero bearing on whether or not this gets a repress.
  4. Yeah...I have to brave RSD for The Rising Tide anyway, so either way I'm going. Unless that also gets a wider release I can guarantee myself a copy of.
  5. I donno, the however many of the grey IKSSE:3 stuck around fucking foreverrrrrr. There may still be some available for all I know.
  6. The one I'm watching he says transgender a bunch, not tranny, and he starts the joke off with something about how transgender people have a really tough time ahead for themselves and he wishes them all the best. I feel like transphobic gets thrown around way too often and easily these days. Anecdote (who knows, maybe I'll get labeled transphobic for this): I have a friend who was on tinder, and she tried to publicly shame a dude via instagram/facebook because he said something like (can't remember the exact wording, but it was very close to this) "This is kind of a weird question, but I just wanted to make sure you're 'all woman,' I had a bad experience in the past with this sort of thing." She immediately posted that portion of their conversation online and started railing about how he was transphobic and this and that. It's like...nah friend, he just doesn't want to get a penis surprise at the end of the night. That should be ok. Everyone is entitled to live how they want to live, and love who they want to love, but some people just want to know what they're getting into because they prefer a traditional m/f relationship.
  7. Eh. I have $10 in my paypal account, so it makes is seem like I'm paying $35 shipped for a 2xLP. I'll deal with it. If I find one on RSD I may grab it and sell this one off.
  8. If I read correctly there will be an RSD version of Low Country.
  9. They're out on tour right now, so unless there is someone there manning the label it may be a minute before you get any real resolution. (from my understanding Jeff runs Opoponax? I'm not 100% sure.)
  10. Ok, good! I wouldn't want something weird to happen and have you fall into debt over a TT
  11. I've got a companion to @lexicondevil's tour edition and a northern lights copy Northern Lights came almost two weeks ago in the mail at this point. (I selfishly kept #13, sorry dude!)
  12. With Coheed getting a full release and being relatively sure that Czarface will as well, SDRE is the only thing I'm interested in. No real difference from any other RSD where I mainly go for one thing/stuff already in store and possibly pick up something else on impulse.
  13. What is it all you young whippersnappers say on the World Wide Web? "Lol"
  14. Unsolicited advice time. If you can't afford to pay cash for something...don't buy it with a credit card unless it's an emergency situation.