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  1. I know it's a petty, stupid thing...but the album is called "Boxer" not "The Boxer."
  2. I keep waiting for nier to get around $20. Looks super cool
  3. It's been available from Bullmoose for a few weeks (capitol)
  4. One topic, two sides. No one knew it would tear the boards apart... VC: The Sandwich Wars. (coming soon to a theater near you.)
  5. PM'ed you a link to my favorite cartoon streaming site
  6. Will do. I mostly only get tattooed by Greg anymore since I met him, we're working on finishing off my chest. After I finally get that shit done I may think about getting someone else to tattoo me
  7. Ah, I'm glad I got to binge it all then! The voice actors (and characters) are terrific!
  8. As you all know, I'm not crazy about live albums but I know some of you like them. Conan live at Bannerman's /200 edit: I'm sure this'll pop up somewhere stateside too? Not actually sure, but I imagine it may.
  9. Alright yous guys and gals. I know some of you are just big kids like I am, so I'm making a recommendation. If you like Rick and Morty/Adventure Time type whimsical cartoons with adult Gravity Falls. I hadn't watched it and I caught an episode the other day and binge watched the entire damn thing this week. So good. I always wrote it off because it was a Disney cartoon, but apparently the dude who made it is friends with the Rick and Morty folks and there are a bunch of Easter Eggs in both shows that refer to each other. Plus it's only two seasons, so it's a pretty quick watch.
  10. Big thanks to Greg at Atlas Tattoo for knocking this out for me today! Forgot how much getting my chest tattooed hurts.
  11. Yussssss. Spelljammer shall bring us all together.
  12. Good looking out. Thanks! Ordered a clear