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  1. I mean...you have to know it's going to just be the same plates and have the same issues as the rest, right?
  2. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    He might be. He's kind of a curmudgeon in case you hadn't noticed...
  3. Smallgrass: VC Official Bluegrass & Small Talk Thread

    I just don't really have anything small to talk about anymore.
  4. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Good! I already have them, but it's nice that people who don't will be able to snag them
  5. Pedro The Lion Pressing INFO

    Epitaph acquired most (all?) of the Jade Tree catalogue. Maybe they just aren't being pressed right now and the RP from 2012 finally ran dry?
  6. What video games have you been playing?

    Oh it's totally a time sink! But...in a good way. I finished the game a while back and kept playing from my last save trying to get some of my blade affinities full. Now with ng+ I look forward to picking it up again sometime after I finish Bayonetta 2 and Kirby. Folks who can Plat stuff have way more patience than I do, that's for sure!
  7. What video games have you been playing?

    I know some folks in here poo-pooed it s little...but Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was great I'm home. I've put almost 200 hours into it. It's super fanservicey, but that's my biggest complaint. It's a little slow until you get to chapter 3 too, but super fun if you dig jrpgs.
  8. What video games have you been playing?

    You didn't even pull out the quote where he's excited for Ni No Kuni, which is about a Japanese as it comes. Maybe he's just changed his tune, though. I can't hold it against someone to decide they actually like really awesome games.
  9. PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    You're right actually. Fox Confessor is the only album of hers that has has good artwork. All the others have been meh to bad.
  10. What video games have you been playing?

    Kirby is coming tonight Been playing Bayonetta (1) and it's pretty fun so far. Still have to play the second one next too. Eventually i'll have to go back and knock out a new game + on XBC2 to get some new blades. I'm excited, I've got a fuckton of games I'm amped to play right now, so by the time I get to a lot of the other stuff I'm interested in (Monster Hunter, other PS4 stuff) they'll have dropped in price.
  11. PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    Right? Also, man do I hate that cover.
  12. The Mondo Records Thread - Exploring the etymology of erotic expansion.

    No prob, I just saw an article about it yesterday I think
  13. The Mondo Records Thread - Exploring the etymology of erotic expansion.

    They just started filming Punisher S2
  14. Record Store Day 2018

    I'd buy it if it wasn't a pic disc and wasn't put out by ETR. I actually dig 70s porn music.
  15. PO NOW: Beach House - 7 (LP Out May 11)

    As others have already pointed out, it has always been a 2xLP. The difference is the half-speed master.
  16. 2018 NCAA TOURNEY

    I think they'll go a couple rounds, they've had some crazy upsets so far already this year
  17. 2018 NCAA TOURNEY

    VA Tech is gonna bring the hurt this year.
  18. PO: Neko Case - Hell-On (6/6/18)

    Ordered quickly. I have concerns with the mastering after the last album, but I love Neko too much not to immediately jump on this
  19. PO: Fister/CHRCH split LP

    This is something I'd definitely grab for like $12, but I'm not crazy about Fister so for the moment this is a pass for me. CHRCH is great though.
  20. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    No prob, dude. Doom wizards, y'know?
  21. SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    You want me to grab you one and have it shipped to you, homeboy?
  22. What books are you reading?

    For those that care, the English translation of Murakami's latest, "Killing Commendatore" is up for PO on amazon. $30 for a hardcover, so it's a little steep, but I had a $10 credit so I went ahead and ordered. November 13 release date.
  23. PO: Death - Leprosy reissue

    No prob
  24. PO: Death - Leprosy reissue

    I'm not 100% sure what your question is, but if it is "Was the /100 clear for Leprosy for sale on the Bandcamp website?" The answer is yes, it was. Your link is just to the main discography page for Death on bandcamp.