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  1. prices lowered on most titles today! 18 ratings all 100% positive. records packed and shipped extremely well.
  2. holy shit, that's a huge delay
  3. Oh, whew. This was super helpful. Thanks!
  4. did you get any sort of official confirmation that you were bumped to the first group? I did the same thing and preordered the LP, but received no confirmation of being in the first wave.
  5. I'll buy one, claim it showed up super damaged. Get sent a replacement, then send you one of the copies for half the price of one. Ready, set, go.
  6. still crossing my fingers for a proper release of this. it's a no-brainer
  7. dang, I just found an OG copy of Perfect Pitch Black last month. now I want the 7"
  8. sounds like the band didn't even know about the retail variant haha
  9. god that gold is amazing. crossing my fingers that this shows up at my doorstep.
  10. Underoath sold yesterday. Few more big ticket items and some great titles under $15.00!
  11. Listed about 20 more titles today all under $15.00. Cheap titles include: NAILS - "Unsilent Death" 180g 2nd press Touché Amoré - "...To The Beat Of A Dead Horse" 3rd press on 180g white H2O - "Nothing To Prove" on clear Saves the Day - "Under the Boards" on black Modern Life Is War - "Fever Hunting" on olive green Give Up The Ghost - "Background Music" Equal Vision 2003 reissue on black vinyl
  12. a few more titles added this week. check!
  13. I just sold a Drop Dead Gorgeous "In Vogue + Be Mine Valentine" on my Discogs store for $28.95...