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  1. the things you say are so tremendously stupid.
  2. is this the splatter variant /250?
  3. you're an american RSD hero!
  4. I wish I could part with mine, but here's a couple fairly cheap copies from trusted sellers:
  5. why does tug still exist?
  6. love the new record. 12" picture disc / CD was available a couple weeks before the street date at the shows. call me antisocial is the fuckin jam.
  7. "hey guys, got this for the board!" *charges twice what was paid for*
  8. I'm glad someone made a thread for this. Love the new song and love Ryan. Great dude.
  9. daaaaamn that Newbury copy is sharp
  10. Thanks Jake!
  11. Mine came with real bad seam splits too. Did you email the account?
  12. $62 for a VIP ticket, too steep for me. Hoping for another color either sold at the show or online.