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  1. Thrice and Darkest Hour 7"s are all I need. That should be a fairly easy RSD.
  2. so stoked on this! picked up the white w/ 7". really hard to pass on the huge bundles because that Dad Hat is perfect.
  3. so expensive. $46.72 after shipping. trying not to care because I love this album and am stoked for 11 new songs
  4. I think that's why I liked the setlist so much. I think everything before Planet Of Ice is pretty boring. Funny story: I thought Minus The Bear during pre-Menos el Oso days was one of the worst live bands ever. So boring, no energy live. And now 10+ years later, they are one of the tightest, most fun live bands I have ever seen. Progression, man.
  5. saw MTB in Denver last night and they were fucking PERFECT. great setlist. also, they have electric blue on tour with them in case anyone else missed out on the preorder. I ended up snagging a VOIDS tour poster and it is now hanging nicely in my kitchen.
  6. Heading to Phoenix with my friends in Call of the Void to watch them start their tour with Trap Them at Pub Rock Live on April 20th. I have the whole next day to myself and want to hit some record shops and coffee spots. Any recommendations while I am there?
  7. I have Pain Is Beauty on clear. Interested?
  8. seconded
  9. This is the best thing I have ever read on this board. Well said.
  10. can't believe I fucking missed this
  11. got mine too. figured it would be super basic, but I am excited to spin this tonight. bummer no download code. gonna have to see if someone has it on Soulseek
  12. picked up the splatter at my local shop since the electric blue arrived warped. haven't heard back from the merch store on a replacement, but I am real stoked to spin this splatter tonight. I also got a free slipmat w/ purchase in-store, so can't complain.
  13. unfortunately, not great merch options. and the hoodie he had was $60