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  1. Definitely interested in that cassette too. I'm on the fence about the box set. It's a lot of money but my tax return will be here soon...
  2. Ah man. I had been having regrets about not picking up that Batman box set the first time and I missed it again. Oh well.
  3. Anybody see the Foo Fighters EP at any shops in Toronto? I'd love to get a copy.
  4. Went to a record show today and got all of the individual remastered Clash albums for $80 CAD, no tax. My dream of getting that box set is gone but I'm not going to pay an extra $100 just for the cardboard case. Also got good deals on Beck - Guero and Jeff Buckley - You and I.
  5. I think it might be because he feels a little lost in the group without Abraham. His turning point seemed to be when Negan told him he didn't have to be afraid anymore, so I took that to mean that he felt fearful for some reason when he was with the regular gang. Whether it's because he felt useless (his grift about being a scientist was gone) or he didn't trust Rick to protect him anymore or what. I think he sees his role in the Saviours as a fresh start and he's got some solid protection there.
  6. I thought that was a really great episode. Not much on the scares and zombie gore, but well done overall.
  7. How'd you like the show? Did he have vinyl copies of the 2016 series of reissues? The only one I haven't got yet is Hospital Music. I'm going to the show in Picton tomorrow night. I haven't been to an MG show in probably over 10 years but I snagged a front row centre seat for this!
  8. Oh hey, a PO for a re-issue of Joe Strummer - Live at Acton Town Hall.
  9. Hit the target in less than 12 hours.
  10. Mixtape bundle is now sold out. The 7" series sounds interesting but it's $225 (!!!) and doesn't seem to come with the actual LP.
  11. SNL

    Bumping for Alec Baldwin hosting tonight!
  12. Just got shipping notification from We Are Busy Bodies for the coloured Age of Electric album and the Limblifter bundle of s/t and Pacific Milk. Guess they're running a little ahead of schedule because I thought these were due out in mid-February. Anyone heard anything more about IME's Scenery and Fish?
  13. I can't see Kevin O'Leary winning the Conservative leadership, let alone becoming PM. I don't see him getting any votes outside of Ontario and Alberta. Then again, stranger things have happened. Just to get slightly back on topic, it blows my mind that Trump can do what he's doing via Executive Orders or whatever. What's the point of local representatives if the President can just do what they want? I guess I just don't understand the US system.
  14. Second son was born Got a raise and a nice bonus at work Started a six month paternity leave from work so I can stay at home with my kids while they're young
  15. My Amazon copy arrived this morning and it is the blue vinyl. Pretty basic packaging and no download card.