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  1. I think he just said July.
  2. I want that box set so badly but I've had so many ups and downs with money in the past two weeks. Every time think I'm good to place my order, something shitty happens. I've been listening to OK Computer a lot lately and I forgot what a special place in time it represents. Hopefully it'll be like the AMSP set and still be up for order for a while.
  3. Every time I see this thread bumped I hope it's about Clayton Park.
  4. I don't think he's released the tracklist yet other than it's a total of 14 songs. From the last email, it sounds like the B sides of the 7"'s will be a mix of songs and instrumentals.
  5. Hmm. Looks like the PO links for Metroid and DKC are both gone.
  6. I hoped to see something about DKC every time I check this thread. So happy to get this soundtrack.
  7. Anybody see BSS at Field Trip this weekend? Did they have any promo merch for the new album?
  8. I was reading somewhere about some speculation that the album can be played in a loop (infinite content, if you will) and that's why the first and last song have the same name.
  9. Holy crap. I just noticed the price. $28 USD + $12 shipping to Canada. Plus it's shipping by DHL so you'll get screwed for another $10 or so for international handling fees too. That'll come out to like $60 Canadian for a single LP. No thanks.
  10. I'm seriously considering upping my pledge to get the 7" box set too. I was holding out to see how many songs were going to be on the album.
  11. I guess anyone who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign got the email, but for those who didn't... The new album is a 14 song 2LP called "The Hanged Man" and will be shipping in late August or early September.
  12. Just noticed on the Arts & Crafts website that they're now saying the coke bottle clear is /500 and exclusive to pre-order. If you're hesitating, you might want to jump on this soon.
  13. Definitely interested in that cassette too. I'm on the fence about the box set. It's a lot of money but my tax return will be here soon...
  14. Ah man. I had been having regrets about not picking up that Batman box set the first time and I missed it again. Oh well.
  15. Anybody see the Foo Fighters EP at any shops in Toronto? I'd love to get a copy.