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  1. Movie and Video Game Soundtracks

    This should go well...
  2. 3 copies at my usual stop. All black
  3. Record Store Day 2017

    4am. First in line. Small town as well ;-)
  4. Was this removed from the RSD list or am I blind?
  5. I did too. I've heard that it is only included with the split variant orders. Not 100% if true. Anyone with the splatter get the insert?
  6. SpaceLab9 thread

    Looking for the "Mega Splatter" Mega Man if anyone sees 1 pop up somewhere or is selling....thanks.
  7. has there ever been a discussion about offering a "+" account? Meaning, members can pay a yearly price to be part of this wonderful VC community, and possibly even have there own forum to post where the rules are a little more relaxed, but also, these "+ members" would not have to see ads? just wondering...id pay a nominal fee for this....maybe I am not alone, maybe I am.
  8. Same here, but ended up getting an email from them couple days ago but couldn't read it. I ended up getting another copy on discogs. If mine ends up showing up from Italy you can have it.
  9. Just want to give a shout out to the OP, ExtraFox. RSD items arrived yesterday in GREAT condition. thanks for helping out with the UK exclusives! truly appreciate it.
  10. thanks! was able to grab Phish: Hoist....now just Pinback and I'm finally done!