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  1. 30-40$ range is becoming more common. not sticking up for this price at all. just commenting on how vinyl prices are all over the place, where the higher tier is becoming more common.
  2. I want to own a digital copy of the record regardless of streaming services or not. If I own a copy, I want to be able to choose what to do with it. Maybe I want to throw it on an iPod classic. I want to have options. Its just lazy when you charge 25$+ for a record and don't include a digital download as an option. I remember Tame Impala had a new release for over $30 with no digital download option. Streaming services aren't the end all be all.
  3. if you put in an order there is a 20% OFF coupon via email
  4. I think clear is the standard variants record stores will get. Thats just a guess as I have seen a few folks say thats what they got when purchased from a shop.
  5. Only available in the official store! When you buy the new Coldplay EP 'Kaleidoscope', you get bonus stickers exclusive only to! The Kaleidoscope EP is available to pre-order now via The EP is the sister release to the band’s acclaimed A Head Full Of Dreams album. The Kaleidoscope EP will be available to download and stream on July 14, and released on CD and vinyl on August 4. Limited edition blue vinyl. Also includes: *download card *600x600mm poster folded to 300x300mm *4col sticker 1. All I Can Think About Is You 2. Miracles (Someone Special) - Coldplay & Big Sean 3. A L I E N S 4. Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix) - Coldplay & The Chainsmokers 5. Hypnotised
  6. I really love FSF. I have enjoyed every album, and despite the dram and different singer for every album, How to start a fire may be my favorite overall FSF album
  7. UP
  8. Thank YOU!
  9. need a coupon to amoeba or somewhere to get this on the cheap as I missed out on getting it for a deal.
  10. I have an orange. I may pick one of these T&N copies up on a sale... As mentioned to vinyl. Its an in and out cash grab. No care for the quality. Also the last release of Anberlin, Lowborn was victim of that and it wasn't a reissue. Oh T&N....
  11. Id be willing to bet it absolutely WILL NOT
  12. For me the issue is the price due to the fact that the extras are just more physical stuff of things that are already on the album. Wish there was a non LP track or something on them. For me, I would rather a cheaper option without these add ons.
  13. It just hit its year anniversary recently. Brown getting put up on webstore...sounds like its prime picking for a new color variant in the near future ...bc thrice
  14. mario karttttttttttt