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  1. Thanks In for plastic beach
  2. Guessing these have to be picked up at show? The wording does seem to indicate that its VIP pressing only and could have a standard version distributed at another time.
  3. No one is asking me, but yeah I'm salty about the white edition coming so soon, and the reason being that the original is getting scalped. So the solution is to make a variant box set thats even more limited, especially when the hardcore fans cashed out already. No one buy this. Save your money for next year when the see the white is going for $400 on eBay and they make the clear box set. Then they will do splatter....
  4. Anyone else thinking this was just a crazy high price for the Teleprompt edition AND the self titled WB (w/ Reset and w/o Without It , etc) will be pressed at a later time for $30 ish bucks? I will not try and justify over priced things, but I know the last two years have been rough regarding taxes and self employment. I could see THIS edition being ultra rare and easy money, AND a regular self title press at a more reasonable ($30 for double lp is still expensive ) price. Sorry if this thought has been posted. Not going to read all the other posts bc I don't have enough popcorn to go with all the salt.
  5. So many salty people. Price is crazy tho. If it's too expensive , don't buy it. If they shelled out that much money they will go on clearance eventually (rich kids will not allow this to happen). We have no idea how much this actually cost them to do. It could have been a lot. It could have been a little.
  6. Anyone have the bonus track available digitally? It looks like the bsides comp has the demo versions of these, or am i missing something? The pressing was well done, and I am really impressed with all of it !
  7. So excited to have this !!!!! the quality of this release is fantastic
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be waiting. Sadly not in spam/junk folder.
  9. Same! stayed up late. Kept refreshing. Guess it's not live yet ?
  10. This is difficult for me, because I'm such a huge Anberlin fan , and do not have any money for this guy. Usually if a repress or some "crazy i didn't expect to buy this today" record comes out, it's not a couple hundred bucks and can be manageable (pb & j). I just got out of debit and cut up my credit cards. Wish I would've waited a week haha First world problems, I know...
  11. So when they come out get all three and talk about how it touches a spot from you and your childhood. She will think they are precious and that you are sensitive. If that fails then tell her they are worth a lot of money and you need to hang on to them for a few years then sell on ebay.