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  1. Glad to get the SDRE off of bullmoose. Was sad I missed saturday due to work but this makes it much better
  2. take a deep breath man
  3. Just me being paranoid, but did anyone have issues with the quality of the Roman Candles and self-titled pressings by Elliot Smith? Wasn't sure if there were any problems like the Plain reissues
  4. I would gladly buy that pinegrove but I didn't get a membership
  5. Someone on reddit was happily trading a color variant of Sun Kil Moons Benji for it and I was cringing so hard
  6. shit, imma bite the bullet. I'll let you guys know what happens
  7. Speaking of Vince Staples, found this on barnes and noble: This isn't the deluxe colored variant is it? I'm wondering if there just selling the two segments together and calling it the special edition