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  1. PO NOW: Ducktains - Jersey Devil

    I don't fault them at all for that more than likely there were legal reasons for not being able to disclose information on both their and Domino's part. Also it is not their responsibility to call out the guy, removing him is enough and they did that.
  2. PO NOW: Ducktains - Jersey Devil

    The news is very disappointing for me. Real Estate is my favorite band and The Flower Lane & Ducktails III are two of my of my favorite albums of the past decade. I only came into direct contact with Matt a couple times and he was never a total dick like some have stated, but he wasn't particularly nice either. Martin and Alex on the other hand are two of the most genuinely nice guys I've met and Alex in particular always goes out of his way to talk to me at shows. I also am so glad they replaced Matt with Julian. He is unbelievably nice and one of the most professional people have worked with in the indie music scene. I was worried at first when he replaced Matt, but now more than ever I am glad he is a part of the band. I will be very interested to read Matt's response to the Spin article in the coming days, but I am very happy with how Real Estate handled this whole ordeal.
  3. Orchid Tapes Club

    Mine came in yesterday!!!
  4. Orchid Tapes Club

    Just filed a claim, hopefully I will get his attention. If not when I am refunded I'm gonna go buy the tape again cause I really want it lol. Hopefully he's actually shipping new orders if he is ignoring old ones.
  5. Neil Young Hitchhiker 01. Pocahontas02. Powderfinger03. Captain Kennedy04. Hawaii05. Give Me Strength06. Ride My Llama07. Hitchhiker08. Campaigner09. Human Highway10. The Old Country Waltz Neil's Website: http://neilyoung.warnerbrosrecords.com/hitchhiker-vinyl-1.html Amazon (Soon): https://www.amazon.com/Hitchhiker-Neil-Young/dp/B072JVDRWC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501853202&sr=8-1&keywords=neil+young+hitchhiker
  6. PO NOW: Ducktains - Jersey Devil

    Yeah it is a great little selection of tunes. My buddy saw Matt play in England earlier this year and picked up a tape for me and then I just ordered the other one. Love the Duck.
  7. PO NOW: Ducktains - Jersey Devil

    Have you gotten the 2 1hr long albums of non-album tracks he released earlier this year yet?
  8. PO NOW: Ducktains - Jersey Devil

    Matt is releasing this one himself so I doubt there will be a variant. I wouldn't be surprised if there was not a huge initial run for that reason as well.
  9. The 6th album from New Jersey's Ducktails "Jersey Devil" Out October 6th, 2017 on New Images Written, recorded, produced by Matthew Mondanile. Mixed by Ernie Indradat & Matthew Mondanile at Sonic Youth's Echo Canyon Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey. Pre-order: http://newimageslimited.com/catalog/ducktails-jersey-devil-lp-pre-order Music Video:
  10. PO Now: Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo

    Very chillwavey, sounds kinda like Causers of This mixed with the song structures (and clear vocals) of Anything in Return. Definitely great album, after first listen I'd say I rank it as my 4th favorite Toro LP. I am very partial to Anthing and What For so those are at the top, but this one is just a tad lower than Underneath the Pine. I'm sure I will like it a lot more on repeated spins though!
  11. PO Now: Toro Y Moi - Boo Boo

    Got the Carpark Variant in the mail today!!!
  12. The 2004 album from The Heavy Blinkers. Checkout if you are a Beach Boys fan, https://labelobscura.bandcamp.com/album/the-night-and-i-are-still-so-young From the label... "Label Obscura is proud to announce the upcoming reissue of one of the best Halifax independent pop albums of the early 2000s - 'The Night And I Are Still So Young' by The Heavy Blinkers. Described by Spin magazine as "one of the greatest bands you've (probably) never heard", the Heavy Blinkers is a five-piece formed in 1998 by Jason Michael MacIsaac and a group of friends, including keyboardist and songwriter Andrew Watt and ethereal vocalist Ruth Minnikin. They are based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. By 2004, the intricate and tightly constructed chamber pop of The Heavy Blinkers had become well known, winning them widespread acclaim, albeit without corresponding commercial success for their self-titled debut release in 2000 and the 'Heavy Weather' LP in 2002. The band reached a remarkable breakthrough with their fourth album 'The Night and I Are Still So Young' (2004), exhibiting a new maturity in this stunningly orchestrated pop masterpiece. Two years in the making, this album consolidates the nocturnal orchestrations of the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev and grafts them onto material akin to 70's era Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson or Randy Newman. This has led to the group gathering fans wide and afar, including Sondre Lerche, Van Dyke Parks and The High Llamas. The luscious pop songmanship of this album has earned The Heavy Blinkers comparisons with Brian Wilson's best work at his peak, as well as international acclaim and devoted fans. The band's sonic landscape is rich with multi-tracked vocals featuring an affecting interplay between Minnikin, Watt and MacIsaac, combined with a virtual enchanted forest of arrangements. Noisey recently included The Heavy Blinkers in their Completely Biased Ranking of the 60 Best Canadian Indie Rock Songs of the 00s, with the band also ranking in View 902's The Top 20 Albums by Nova Scotians. Label Obscura is giving this classic album the vinyl release it deserves. With brand new artwork by Yorodeo, detailed liner notes by Brian Chidester and pressed on 180 gram vinyl with a limited edition pressing of 300 copies, this release will bring plenty of smiles to fans new and old alike. It is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp. "
  13. PO: Real Estate - In Mind (3/17)

    I already have the 7"
  14. PO: Alex G - Rocket

    I'd say the songs on Beach Music are even more developed than this album. If I were you I'd check that one out.