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  1. Message Fog Lake's facebook today and Aaron said he has cut ties with Orchid Tapes and is very sorry for all of this. He is going to look into getting this resolved for everyone.
  2. I really do wish we could at least get some sort of date as to when these tapes will ship I might be moving soon as well
  3. Haven't update in a wile but we have 3 new releases that are going fast! First is from Real Estate's new guitarist Julian Lynch: One is from Australia's VACATIONS only a few tapes left: Third is from Bane's World from Long Beach:
  4. Something some people might be interested in checking out... I am reissuing Julian Lynch's, Real Estate's new lead guitarist) out of print sophomore album on tape. Also Julian is working on a new solo album right now that will be released later this year!
  5. I would love that album if it wasn't for the shifted pitch.
  6. I just felt Another One as a whole was forgettable, especially following Salad Days. Sure there were good tracks but none that absolutely blew me away. These songs kind of feel like Real Estate meets Mac which could not be a better combination since Real Estate is my favorite band. I still enjoy Another One, but I rarely return to it and just listen to Salad Days and 2.
  7. Got the Special Edition and Cassette. Already can tell I am going to like this WAAAAY more than Another One.
  8. Real Estate's 4th album "In Mind" is out March 17th on Domino Records. Pre-Order the Limited Edition 180G Blue vinyl now here: Also here is a video for the first single Darling:
  9. Same, I hope so badly for a vinyl release but I doubt it will be
  10. Hey everybody! It's been pretty dead in here for a while so I thought I would share something I think a lot of you guys might like. I released these guys on my tape label back last November, they go by LOVING and are from Victoria, Canada hope you dig them!
  11. New release from Austraila's VACATIONS. Some nice Indie Rock tunes!
  12. Just finished Mistborn: The Final Empire, great book. Finishing Rise of Endymion now, it's the final book in Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos.
  13. They can choose to replace with a claim as well, done that many times. It's just really weird that they chose to refund completely, not just the magazine.
  14. Update on this, instead of replacing my magazine they just decided to refund my whole purchase (Vinyl and Magazine)! What the heck all I wanted was a new magazine and I can't even order a replacement on the site anymore
  15. That's the only way to get a response from these guys. They responded after the claim and said they will ship a new copy of the magazine. I am trying to jumpstart the process and make sure I get a good copy before they are all gone