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  1. Grabbed this. Thanks!
  2. Yes yes yes!
  3. Then it's likely the same one. I thought so, but I actually saw some gold discs when looking through on Instagram.
  4. Got the one in from Amazon, and it's limited to 250 pressed on transparent red and yellow.
  5. I love that the records ARE solid colored, so it sets it apart from the other pressings.
  6. One of the oddest, most beautiful, hours of my life. I was pretty much slack jawed during the whole thing.
  7. The original sets were translucent color, right? The listing says solid color. I wonder if that's a mistake.
  8. The reincarnation of Laura Palmer, or her essence as well.
  9. Jebus. I thought what I watched was a dream. I was fairly stoned, but that was fucking fantastic. Lynch all the fucking way.