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  1. The irony of a thread by tug, talking about 7" vs. 12". It's thick. The irony is thick.
  2. damn. gone already.
  3. The character, his name is Bing. He ran in and said "Has anyone seen Billy?"
  4. you didn't get the email? I got like 3 of them. "AMENDS"
  5. Some people just need to be told what, and what not, to buy.
  6. I know resurrection bumps are looked down upon, but there's a new HH song:
  7. Tried to grab this, but it says expired.
  8. I'm really hoping those are. It would make so much sense, in regards to FWWM as well.
  9. it def felt like the end came way too quickly.
  10. Indeed. I am really loving everything about these new episodes. I haven't found myself disappointed in them yet.
  11. It really was hilarious. I also noticed the specific way a few scenes were filmed. That was one of them, and the other was the Gordon/Denise scene. The two are not in the same room, you can almost tell they were filmed at a different time, and spliced together to make it seem like it was. The Truman/Wally scene felt the same as well. I could be wrong.
  12. I miss the downvote.
  13. Newbury sells their records that much because they are money hungry, but they certainly aren't a label, let alone DIY. Those "exclusives" are still pressed by the major labels, and they just have a contract with those labels to sell an exclusive for way too much money.