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  1. WTB: Dredd OST

    I figure this is quite a long shot, but if anybody has the Dredd OST they'd be willing to let go, I'm interested.
  2. SOLD

  3. I pm'd you over on DF if you wouldn't mind checking that out.
  4. WTB: Floor-Oblation

    Looking for the purple splatter 2xLP that came with the 7". Limited to 400.
  5. Looking for the following: Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been (1993 Sire clear) Galaxie 500 - Today (Aurora) Guided By Voices - Bee Thousand (early pressing) Floor - Oblation (purple splatter w/ 7") I've never really posted much on this forum - more on Dead Format - but I plan to since it's dying down over there. You're welcome to take a look at my profile over there http://deadformat.net/csaucer22 to see any feedback.
  6. Bump. Really would like to own both of these.
  7. Bump. No one looking to sell either of these?
  8. Really wanting to get the 45rpm deluxe versions for both of these. Please PM me if you have either and are willing to part with them!!
  9. Mars Volta Wants

    The UK pressing of Tremulant was pressed at 45rpm, has an endless runnout groove on side B, and has the text in the dead wax stamped as opposed to hand-written if I remember correctly. As for the Goliath single, I've seen it around but it seems to be pretty rare. It was a promo. I think it might actually be a 10". Anyway, it sells for glow-in-the-dark Frances The Mute prices when it has sold. Already dowloaded, but thanks! I'd like to get a physical copy for the sake of being a completionist. I'd kind of like to find one with the box - sealed if possible. I have all of the content that was released on it, I mainly just want the physical product for the same reasons stated above. Thanks, though!
  10. Mars Volta Wants

    New to VC, but I've been a member of DF for a few years now. Profile here: https://deadformat.net/csaucer22. Thought I might try to cast a wider net to find some of the things I don't have in my collection. Looking for these TMV things: Tremulant (black vinyl) Tremulant (UK 45rpm) Frances The Mute single (black vinyl) Bedlam in Goliath USB Goliath 12" promo single De-Loused In The Comatorium booklet There are probably some TMV things I'm forgetting, so anything not listed on my tradelist over on DF is probably something I'd be interested in as well.