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  1. When it is SRC pressing it they put SRC Vinyl for the label. For this one it says Atlantic.
  2. You can have my download code if you're interested.
  3. $16 shipping to Canada, oh well, got it anyways
  4. Just a reminder that this is going up today at 12PM PST / 3PM EST.
  5. The Bends > Ok Computer > All the other albums after Ok Computer and Pablo Honey which I never got into...yeah I said it.
  6. According to a comment, it should be on the MxPx website on July 6th.
  7. Yeah I noticed the same thing. I already had the black pre-ordered and this one was $3CAN more so I'm willing to take a chance. It's Amazon so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have a problem getting a price match with the other listing if ever I get it and it's black. I don't mind getting the black, I just want this in my collection regardless of the color. The ASIN number is the same as the blue listing someone posted further up though.
  8. Not sure if it was already posted but seems to have the blue up for pre-order: For Canadian this seems like the cheapest option as with shipping it comes to $42CAN. For anyone in Montreal, Aux 33 Tours is taking pre-orders for the blue, $48.99+tax though:
  9. Wasn't Magnolia produced by Yip also?
  10. I've ordered from them multiple times but never a pre-order and an in stock item together. Their shipping from Canada to Canada is pretty cheap though compared to other places. Maybe they are already losing out on charging so cheap for shipping.
  11. They never shipped out MTTS to you even though they had it in stock and instead made you wait for it for a year to ship both together and save them $7 of shipping?
  12. So how's the sound quality? I never bought it because S/T was shitty. But now that Stomping and Coconut Ass are coming out, might need to get Hang Ups to have the full collection.
  13. Listings is up on SRC. Should be up for pre order anytime soon.
  14. On there is a listing for a yellow w/ black marble, could be that one: