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  1. Target Vinyl Purchases?

    I snagged both Pitch Perfect Soundtracks in the past for my wife. Strangely, that's all I've ever found on the shelves of my local Targets - looks like I need to pay more attention! EDIT- didn't realize that you checking on online experience. Disregard my non-helpful response!
  2. PO: Brian Fallon, Sleepwalkers

    man, those shipping prices blow, but considering how much I spin Painkillers, this is a no-brainer to purchase. in for the limited red copy!
  3. THE FEST 16

    asbestos has a live Smoking Popes and a Live Off With Their Heads it would seem. Hoping a homie that's going can snag a Smoking Popes for me From Facebook - Our newest releases got delivered today! swing by our booth at Fest for a super limited colored edition of the first two releases in the "Live! from the rock room" series!
  4. I ordered my copy from Amazon and received a blood red copy. I'm assuming it's the /5000 Retail Variant.
  5. thank you so much! Appreciate it!
  6. Probably a long shot, but I figured I'd cast the net here and see if I get any bites - I'm coming out in September to help run the on-site comedy club at KAABOO del mar - I've been tasked with staffing various positions - Below you'll find a basic description of the roles I need to fill to make Humor Me! a success. In Addition to pay, I belive you are given access to enjoy the festival when you aren't working There will be 4 different lines outside of our building. Each representing a different ticket tier. the priority for each tier is a bit different and gets the guest into a different seating area of the venue. (I'll send full details on this later) Ticket Takers ($12/hour) Verify patrons tickets upon entry and keep a head count of attendees to report to myself or one of my other managers to ensure we stay within capacity Ushers ($14/hour) Ushers will guide customers to their seats in the correct area of the venue, will also assist with any customer issues Ambassadors ($14/hour) This is the first group the customer will meet. You'll assist with ticket distribution and pointing the customer to the proper line depending on which ticket tier they have. Some will also need let people know if the show will be at capacity and whether or not they'll make it into the show. Also, Potentially, I am looking for 2 Lead people one to head up the Ushers and someone to be a Queing/Line Lead - These 2 people would get a flat day rate and work with me from open to close Friday, Saturday and Sunday The KAABOO people really want to make sure we are customer service first - and try to resolve any issues that may arise. Available shifts for Usher, Ambassador and Ticket Taker positions are: Friday - 1:30p - 6:00p 3:30p - 11:00p 5:30p - 11:30p Saturday - 11:30a- 6:00p 3:30p - 11:00p 5:30p - 11:30p Sunday - 12:30p - 6:00p For now, if you could respond and let me know if you're still interested in helping out, your preferred job, and availability, that would be great.I'll respond with a couple documents that you'll be responsible for filling out and we'll get you locked in for the event. If you're interested, hit me up at [email protected] thanks!
  7. Not sure if anyone is interested/familiar with, but these guys were amazing back in the day. self-proclaimed something like -2Tone-Mod-Emo-Ska. thier debut album (Voice with a Built in Promise) and Amazing EP (Young and Professional) are getting the vinyl treatment for (I'm pretty sure) the first time - a reasonable 'name your own price over $12.99 https://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com/album/voice-with-a-built-in-promise https://jumpstartrecords.bandcamp.com/album/young-and-professional
  8. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to spin it yet, but how rad is it to actually get an album delivered to your door before release date!? I feel like that's become a rarity as of late. with that said, I'm hoping to spend some time with this one tonight
  9. various download codes

    snagged this - thanks a bunch!
  10. My Bengans' order of the Jason Isbell album showed up on my doorstep yesterday - was packaged fine and record was in great condition. stoked!
  11. PUDDLE OF MUDD? yes!

    they hail from my neck of the woods, I can actually help you out with this tidbit of trivia - They used to have a different name - I can't recall what it was - their practice space was near the banks of the Missouri River, as I recall the story from years ago, they showed up for practice one day to discover the space flooded all the gear sitting in a floor of mud... the name was born - at first they were 'Puddle of Fucking Mud' for obvious reasons, they left out 'Fucking' after a while. man, the dumb shit in my brain's storage banks...
  12. Thanks for the tip guys! Fingers crossed that the Isbell is really in stock! I didn't think I'd find that one for a reasonable price.
  13. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    I've always been impressed with what I see in the Marvel box reveals. That's why signing up for the GOTG one was an easy purchase for me. If you sign up, you can purchase a few of the past ones too.
  14. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    Received my first Collector Corps box yesterday - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 I don't normally do blind boxes, but I'm a huge fan of GOTG - contents hidden in case no one wants spoilers - I really felt it was money well spent!
  15. responsibilities got in the way of me staying up to date the last couple weeks, but I get to go to RAW tomorrow and an NXT house show on Thursday. I'm pretty stoked and will prolly report back if anyone cares...