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  1. unintentional pun!! conveniently, they're playing Brooklyn the same time me and the wife will be there. We're thinking about adding the show to our itinerary.
  2. Saw the tour last night. First time seeing any of the bands, Holy shit! that show was great from start to finish!! Really bummed that I've slept on Rozwell Kid. As well, i wish I wasn't so late to the party with Menzingers.
  3. thanks for the advice, so far folks! Academy and Rough Trade were on my list. Smorgasburg looks rad! I'm fur sure putting that on the itinerary!
  4. Saw them last night in Lawrence. They had the Split 7" for $7(I didn't see if it was the Black or White), a matching print for $20. Dan had his 2 full lengths on vinyl for $20, a couple shirts and hoodies ($20 and $35, i think). Matt had a couple shirts and the new album (I don't recall prices) also, I assume it was just a hometown thing, but Matt's daughter, Lily, opened the show then came up for a couple songs with him. Late in the set, Dan Andriano came back up and did a couple covers with Matt (Elvis Costello, a couple I am blanking on right now, and a Get Up Kids tune (jim Suptic also jumped on stage. Funny story -earlier in the night Matt made a joke about how every acoustic show he plays some one screams for 'Campfire Kansas' he then reminded the crowd that wasn't his song. *but* the guy who did write it was there - he called out Jim and they played it, while poking fun of themselves. really fun night. you're in for a treat!
  5. Hey dudes, Me and the wife are going to find ourselves in Brooklyn for a few days the first of April. looking for some tips on anything we should try and check out. I saw Menzingers are playing Brooklyn Bowl one of the nights, she was interested in Bastille at Barclays other than that, not sure... any record stores worth stopping in? tasty restaurants worth a stop? hidden gems or activities off the beaten path? we'll also probably venture to the city one or two days. thanks, in advance for any info!
  6. I went in on one of the bundles that included- Dave Hause - Bury Me In Philly Half Clear/Half Purple With Black Spaltter
  7. mine shipped on February 06 and claims to be showing up tomorrow - tracking tells me it's in Springfield, Mass, so I'm not holding out hope. random side note - it will never not irk me when I order a record well in advance and it can't show up by street date.
  8. dang! that blows!! and right after Triple H was criticizing for getting hurt the previous time. related, I feel like a Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe feud would be something I'd like to see in the future
  9. best of luck, dudes! thanks to @knifeparty for taking the reigns on this! also, so I have it in writing somewhere - I think Bayley's moment happens on April 01... not tonight. Charlotte's PPV record will stay flawless. hopefully, my favorites do better tonight than they did last night. Takeover was great, but man... a lot of results I didn't like!
  10. the TCB patch is - Takin' Care of Business in a Flash - one of the more reasonably priced items you can find in one of the MANY gift shops at Graceland. which, if you ever find yourself in Memphis is definitely worth a visit to!
  11. I'd be good to throw another $5 in the pot or keep it at $10 - for no good reason, here's a pic of me cheesing super-hard from a couple months back of me making friends with the Mizanins and getting to hold the IC title
  12. Thanks for lettin' me join in on the fun!
  13. You still taking entrants on this? I'd like to jump in if so!
  14. One of my local stores said they'd have copies of vinyl version on 12/23
  15. 2 new tracks from the forthcoming Dropkick Murphys album - one should work for 2 more downloads - the other should be good for 3 https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=A0BD390D9BCB25A71FF61AF550A7D6FA https://secure.kingsroadmerch.com/download/serve.asp?uid=5CE5BA2DC1A4440F3C362BD0E29C6903