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  1. Got shipping confirmation for Hooper from deathwish EU just now.
  2. Oh well, what happened to her vocals? Was really looking forward to this and it definitely deserves a couple more listens, but so far I can't seem to get into her delivery here.
  3. Although I have to admit that my interested took a drastic turn after Frances, I made sure to give every Volta record a fair chance and a couple of attentive listens. I dug most of Noctourniquet, but their artistic direction after De-Loused just wasn't for me. Sounds great! It's nice to hear some positive feedback to their shows. I saw them in Berlin last year and it was pretty lackluster, but fine. I mean, when someone whose early output you enjoy releases ten albums you don't really like, you're not eager to listen to the next thirty. I skipped a lot of his solo recordings, not all, and listened to all of his band projects (just listened to Crystal Fairy a minute ago). I'm not one to dismiss former favorite artists' music too early and wouldn't say his stuff sucks, but over the last ten years or so I definitely got the impression that Omar wasn't the singular driving force behind ATD-I that made their music great and neither was Cedric. Loving all the Sparta records manifested that, for me. I don't expect them to do the exact same thing they did two decades ago, but if they want to do things differently, then why chose to do so under that name? These guys already have a band that's doing the whole sounds kinda like ATD-I but we're older now-thing in Antemasque and 'finally getting all the guys together' certainly doesn't play a role, so I fail to grasp the reasoning behind this reunion (some might say there's money to be made).
  4. I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade here, but I'm in bewilderment seeing how people are going shitballs over this preorder. And I'm actually curious about people's affection with 2017's edition ATD-I, considering the shitfest of a reunion tour, Cedric's bedazzling personal development as a somewhat public figure and the gaping hole in creativity and actual correlation to their heyday that is Jim Ward being completely absent. Is it old affection to the name? Or did you guys enjoy all the Volta and whatnot records of recent years? Did you see them play and they were the legitimately best thing ever? Do you hate Jim Ward?! It kinda still hurts saying this, considering how much I adore all their original output, but I'm not looking forward to this, because there's nothing about it to get me excited. It's not that I'm sure the record is gonna blow. Antemasque didn't, kinda. But not a single member of ATD-I (minus Ward, but..) put out anything exciting in 14 years, for me, personally. Also skipping through some videos of their recent touring really showed just how much youthful energy they put into their recordings, and how unable they are today to reproduce any of that.
  5. So looking forward to this.
  6. Same here. Listening for the third time in a row right now, also just about to finish The Secret History. Although it's unreasonably expensive over here (50-55€), there's no denying that it's an impeccable slap of vinyl with some truly outstanding art design. Perfect for all those rainy ass Sunday afternoons we're facing at the moment.
  7. I guess it's a safe assumption that you need to reevaluate your stance on April, preferably by giving it a fresh listen. You're missing out on some of his best songs. It easily equals Ghosts and later RHP, in my opinion. He lost me after that one, though.
  8. That's exactly the kind of incentive I needed to give this a listen. Solely for shits'n'giggles, of course. This is post War On Drugs-fuckfest Kozelek after all.
  9. It's safe to say I'm gushing over this news. Solace has been among the top spots on my wantlist ever since I missed the 2008 repress. Had some bad timing with my car exploding while doing 100mph days prior to the preorders going up and when I finally had the nerves and funds to go for it, it was gone. It's not like copies disappeared from the surface of the earth ever since, but I'm not much of an aftermarket guy and rather have my cash go directly to the people involved, especially with people as awesome as this band. Also, Solace is one of the very last gaps on my .doc of albums I need to own on vinyl. That is, for now at least. Might be nice enough to have that list complete just once, for a fleeting moment.
  10. Takeout and Gilmore Girls. All night long.
  11. Didn't see anyone posting the black/white, so here's mine: Matches the artwork nicely, I think. Looking forward to giving it a spin or two during the weekend.
  12. I've been using cleaning paper sheets for the last year or so. I was skeptical at first, but it does a great job and goes easy on the stylus. I had some bad experiences with wet stylus cleaning. Definitely check the manufacturers instructions before trying that. http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/linn-green-stylus-cleaning-paper-sheet/ I had no idea these things were kinda expensive.. Got a couple of them for free from my local hifi-shop.
  13. Just ordered clear through RfC UK. That's a sturdy price point at 36€, but I don't see the standard going retail anytime soon, if ever. Even Cardinal is a pain to obtain around here.