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  1. I do every now and then. That is, I exclusively own 7"s that are necessary for me to have, for them being the only option to listen to a particular set of songs on a tangible format. Mostly lots of Midwestern Emo or Dischord stuff and there were lots and lots of bands back then hiding real gems on singles, like Mineral, Texas Is The Reason, Rites Of Spring, Fugazi etc. There's little current examples for me, but Grouper's latest 7" is a huge one, sporting two favorites out of her entire output yet. Back on topic, this particular single could hardly be any less relevant to my interests. Not only is it beyond me just why this release needs to exist, since both songs are out there and well known to arrive on the full-length. I fail to see any value besides completions sake and 'gotta catch 'em all'. Which is fine, I just don't care. Also I, just like Derek, am peculiar about preview songs and singles of albums I'm confident about enjoying as soon as they make their way round. The National have at least four great albums under their belt and I don't foresee them letting me down this time. Hence, I didn't listen to them once.
  2. Just recently (two days ago, in fact) I thought that a new Godspeed record is what I need to happen. That written teaser gathers just about everything I admire about them, besides the actual music. Also GY!BE playing the variant game would equal Fugazi reuniting to play greatest hits shows in arenas opening for Coldplay and U2. Might happen, but really rather won't.
  3. I'm active over there, too! Vinyl only, my life is too boring to be archived: https://www.instagram.com/eliminator.jr/
  4. Super excited.
  5. So who else is ready to talk about how great this set is sounding? I'm floored.
  6. Cool any pics? How's it sound?
  7. Here's hoping white is not retail.
  8. Here's a copy of you.
  9. There was this distro guy from XL in the store I work at today and asked how many copies we wanted of the blue variant. With this thread in the back of my head I was like "Huh? There's any left after direct preorder?" and he was acting like there's a gazillion copies out there to be distributed to indie stores all around the globe. For what it's worth, there might be some serious false scarcity going on right now. I might be wrong, though.
  10. Just about everyone getting seriously caught up about a preorder to an album that has been in print since, what? Forever? That and approx. a hundred new users joining in on the fun. It's a good read.
  11. Screw your yellowgreenbanana-ish records, here comes the clear vinyl master race:
  12. @tape Get laid in the evening and make that your groundhog day.
  13. Luckily I was. I was ready to keep at least one of those three in my discogs wants for ages and never buy it, but things worked out like a charm.
  14. Someone's found a loving new home <3