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  1. The bass is left channel only? Weird.
  2. Athletics - BFRSD

    I wonder if this is in addition to the black jacket pictured?
  3. Athletics - BFRSD

    This is going live at Midnight Thursday night/Friday Morning. Not sure what time zone, but I assume it's EST. It's gonna be hard for me to nab one of these.
  4. This is up for preorder on Amazon for $18. It doesn’t ship until January but that’s ok for half the price.
  5. I can’t imagine these being out of print for good.
  6. Wtf? Mine showed up yesterday but they didn’t refund me, even after I contacted them about it. Dude was like “you can send it back and buy it again”...
  7. Add Violence is down to $18 on Amazon. Also, they no longer make up the difference if the price drops after you buy it...
  8. And those things sound like shit. The set will still probably cost $65.
  9. A bunch of fuckin 7" flexis?