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  1. I don't know the specifics but after the the rights switched hands during the reissue campaign, the Machina/Machina II reissue was put on the back burner. There are some interviews were Billy touches on it but nothing in great detail.
  2. It's stuck in legal hell.
  3. Looks like someone is bootlegging Machina 2. Pretty pricey for an unknown source. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SMASHING-PUMPKINS-Machina-II-4-LP-BOX-BOOKLET-Outtakes-unreleased-versio/123092955652?hash=item1ca8e97204:g:aeoAAOSw7fBa3Neq
  4. The Weezer Thread

    I was assuming it’s “milky clear”
  5. 1-5 are great, classic AAS tracks. I think at this point I'm just not feeling the guest vocals, although I dig the ones on the last record (for the most part).
  6. Really not feeling Amber Ryann on this record. Anyone else?
  7. I think single #3 was the most relevant and decent song out of the four released so far. But all of them are a far cry from Thirteenth Step.
  8. Jesus, the hope for this record being decent dwindles with every song they release.
  9. PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    Everything is sold out. I wonder if they’ll upload a new one tomorrow?
  10. PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    That's me as well. I love about half of A-Types, but the rest seems like mediocre filler. Magnetic North pretty much bangs the whole way through and was a nice blend of their alternative/post-grunge style and the earlier hardcore stuff.
  11. Didn't he do the last repress? Someone did because it switched from 45 to 33.
  12. PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    Only 145 left of the black-in-pink. Only 44 left of the black in pink. I wonder if they've got another variant waiting?
  13. PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    Same thing happened to me except I actually got one of the second chance Satellite Years.
  14. PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter

    Pink/black Color-in-Color. http://merchnow.com/products/v2/269564/arbiter-pinkblack More bundles too.