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  1. Shit, my digital collection is pretty extensive as well.
  2. Good god, that's a lot of tracks.
  3. It's cool if no one else enters Seems like there's more activity on the Facebook posts, so I have less of a chance to win on there.
  4. The Physical Component is about half gone so I wouldn't wait too long to grab one if you're thinking about it. Shipping is free so the only reason to wait and buy it with the vinyl is if you're using the discount code.
  5. Pre-Zwan stuff was awesome and Zwan proper was really solid with some of it rivaling the best SP work (full version of MSTOS specifically). I think the later full length SP albums have a definite hit or miss quality. The hits are great but the misses are big misses. Monuments suffers from not having Jimmy, as does Oceania and the Teargarden songs, but there are great songs in all of that.
  6. After the 07 reunion, it kind of became apparent to me that even though the majority of the Pumpkins sound is from BC and JC, James and Darcy definitely had a hand in cultivating songs. The word was always that Darcy was the kind of taste maker in the band and would steer Billy away from things that weren't working. If the OG lineup does reform and write new music, we'll see if that's the case or not. I do enjoy the entire catalog, but the later stuff is missing something compared to the pre-breakup material. BC's vocal delivery is one of those things, but there are other things too.
  7. I think they're ramping up the OG lineup. I'm not sure if Billy is selling off the old stuff to get capital for a world tour or just to clear the slate and start SPOG fresh. I guess we'll find out!
  8. That would be a sweet surprise!
  9. There's been some movement on the official Facebook page. Profile and Cover images have been updated to the sacred heart (black and white) and they're posting old concert posters. Edit: also, this: http://smashingpumpkins.com/
  10. I'm interested to know why these tests were rejected by the guys? Just overall sound quality or something more specific?
  11. This is all I have at the moment.
  12. The dude is taking forever to accept the payment, so we'll see. If it doesn't go through, I'll hit you up.