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  1. I wasn't even considering the date - just that it finally showed up on Amazon. NTAE and the Fragile are on Amazon UK too.
  2. I can only assume this will go down in price, but at least there's movement on the retail play. https://www.amazon.com/Actual-Events-Nine-Inch-Nails/dp/B071N9TFX7/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1495803434&sr=8-14&keywords=nine+inch+nails+vinyl
  3. I would always rather Matt sing. The songs without him on the last GUK record were meh because of it.
  4. I've ordered several things from them. Between long preorders with delays and little to no communication to overselling, MerchNow needs to get their shit together. I know some bands have stopped using them because they fuck things up regularly. My latest gripe with them was they "sold out" of some LPs but then miraculously got some extras that they offered. Once those were gone they informed me they were again sold out and couldn't fulfill my order even though I ordered before the initial sell out. They take forever to respond to emails and are generally just kind of shitty to deal with.
  5. Here's the dude's post. Thank you for your email.NIN have joined with a new partner to run the online store, and we are in the middle of transitioning over to them.We are currently in the process of extracting the order data from Firebrand so that our new partner can reference and deliver the outstanding orders. Once we receive this information, we will send a status update email to everyone who has an outstanding vinyl order. Rest assured all current orders will be processed. We are working to fulfill these orders as quickly as possible. Our only goals right now are to get these beautiful vinyl releases into your patient hands, and improve the NIN online shopping experience. We understand that you all have been waiting a very long time, and we apologize sincerely.
  6. Doing the lord's work. Hopefully they'll restock Broken while they're at it. edit: I read that thread and the Silva response makes it seem like Firebrand had the goddamn records and just weren't shipping them. Seriously, they may take the worst merch company title away from MerchNow.
  7. Shit, if they did a Coloring Book concept with Broken and Fixed, I'd buy it.
  8. I guess I'll wait for the second release.
  9. Nothing as of yet. Since they mastered it about a month ago, I'd guess Mike will have test presses to listen to when he gets back from the States.
  10. Sticker shock is a real thing, but it seems like this is a really in depth box set and worth the entry fee.
  11. Is it confirmed Angelo is doing the new soundtrack?
  12. I think the last I heard he had some left but still had to flatten them. He's definitely out of Electras though.
  13. They're also currently writing a new record, so their funds may be going toward that release.