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  1. new song "Fever Days" After hearing the 5th song, I'm definitely grabbing that deluxe
  2. I need an album announcement!! Song kicks ass
  3. Wow, that was amazing! I'm realllllllly digging the new tracks, so far, all 3 have a completely different sound, but they still have a dark theme, which I love. Definitely going to order the deluxe version after hearing this!
  4. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    Just received my photo book, I'm really digging it
  5. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    ordered the tri-color and the photobook separately and the tri-color came in friday, but no photobook yet After a full week of finally being able to soak this in, I'm very excited that we got another great Turnover record. I really do think that this record will age over time and hold us over until another Turnover project. I really love "Breeze" and "Pure Devotion". I didn't check the download code, but I assume they still won't work until this Friday?
  6. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

  7. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    The last song on the album, Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody), is now premiering on Billboard! http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7898265/turnover-new-song-bonnie-rhythm-and-melody
  8. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    btw, the album just leaked as well, so you'll all have your chance to finally hear it.
  9. it's out there, just have to know where to look, I couldn't tell you how it leaked though, but it's out there.
  10. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    So I went last night, picked up the Hot-Pink variant (the only one available), and ripped it from my turntable to my computer so that I could put it on my phone, and it sounds awesome! This album is really really good, and it definitely flows together so perfectly. I Can't wait for everyone to hear this! The Good Nature pop-up shop ended up being worth the drive.
  11. Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)

    still debating on going tonight, i really wanna hear this, but i'm sure it will come out soon.
  12. Just heard the title track, and it has more of a EIGTH sound to it.
  13. It looks like the site was updated, the deluxe is /500 500 Red/White A/B Mix (Box Set Exclusive) I don't know if I want the deluxe though, too much stuff that I could care less about.