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  1. Order now: Fog Lake - Dragonchaser

    I’m sorry orchid tapes isn’t what it used to be
  2. I still think going grey is their best album. I spin it often. Their older stuff actually sounds a little whiny to me now but I did love it at some point.
  3. Flower girl records has the rest of the blue with cream splatter up for sale now. Not super into this either yet now I have this and the bsm variant. I hope it grows on me.
  4. Need help finding a copy of ‘Luna and the wild blue everything’ (mat kerekes) any variant. Hit me up.

  5. Unsure how good records’ metal section is
  6. PO 8/3: Remo Drive- Greatest Hits

    Saw somewhere on ig earlier that it’ll be a tri color white/green/whatever else
  7. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Yup. Also just hoping another variant pops up somewhere.
  8. Need this. The joy void tape has me wanting more.