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  1. I don't know, maybe I just wanna be I just wanna be I just wanna be I just wanna be loved.
  2. I asked on twitter on the 24th and he said he'd reship mine out but I'm still waiting on it. Hope mine comes in since others are receiving theirs.
  3. This is what I've noticed as well and it truly sucks. I honestly thought the format was making a huge comeback when major artists started releasing tapes again, and I expected them to get as big as vinyl. Same here but with the exception to CDs; I prefer vinyl over tapes typically, but prefer tapes to CDs. CDs are usually a last resort for me and I usually only buy them at shows to get signed. I actually enjoy listening to my tapes more than my records sometimes, but unfortunately they're so difficult to store. Napa valley 100 racks aren't so easy to come across anymore either at the prices they used to go for.
  4. Never updated on this. I mean I'm sure people don't care but I enjoy having some form of catalog of my setup's evolution. It sounds as good as a sub on a mini fridge can. I still haven't found the time to finally alphabetize my collection. There is another shelf to the right with upper shelves filled. Not a fan of the bottom shelves. hobby lobby photo boxes are a godsend for 7"s.
  5. I've solved this issue indirectly- I found and installed a program to cast audio from my PC to the chromecast audio while I control my computer's spotify through my phone. This does not disable scrobbling because spotify is still technically playing the files locally. Windows Mac This solved another issue I was also having and I'm sure will help many others: I've been running a 20 foot 3.5mm to RCA cable from my computer to my amplifier for months and have noticed and disliked the audio quality loss. I can now mirror all my computer's audio without dealing with signal degradation.
  6. This is the only copy I've seen of this anywhere online. I wonder how long they've actually been made (I wouldn't be surprised if production just started, though).
  7. Is there a bitcoin thread here on VC? I've been trying to purchase bitcoins online for personal reasons but Paxful is proving to be a nightmare since it's my first time and Coinbase keeps claiming my CVC is wrong when it isn't.

  8. This is pretty rad, I wasn't aware this got released on RSD.
  9. Why thank you, Danielle ;)~
  10. Yep. Looks like it's in stock again too
  11. Sadly not everything is on vinyl
  12. So I've recently purchased a chromecast audio, hooked it up to my audio setup, and with high dynamic range enabled I'm very pleased with the sound. Which audio players do you guys use with your Chromecast audio, or similar alternative? I enjoy being able to stream Spotify and the like at higher quality than Bluetooth with ease, but I'm currently disappointed at the lack of a scrobbling feature for last fm. I am also disappointed with the inability to cast from bandcamp, but the simplicity and convenience of the device more than make up for it. I'm currently trying to get this working to add scrobbling capabilities, but was curious if anyone on VC had any insight on an alternative way to do this. Chromecast general thread.
  13. What're some bands with merch on comfort colors? All I can think of is modern baseball's cray 8s tee.

  14. Klipsch 150m train from a shoebox sized student apartment bedroom. Great speakers. 110sw in the mail (should be here Monday.) This is as far back as I can get for the picture. onkyo a9050 klipsch 150m klipsch 110sw (not pictured) debut carbon espirit sb (downgraded from an RP3 carbon. the belt would constantly roll off). pioneer cts44 in dire need of natural lighting, a collection list, alphabetization and a dedicated camera. I also have a couple unpictured shoeboxes of tapes because I can't find more napa valley 100 shelves at the thrift.