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  1. wasn't a fan of back on top but I'm loving the new single
  2. in for white aus
  3. this is exactly it, I like to hear the album only and enjoy the additional art of etchings. I prefer for bonus tracks to be on 7"s.
  4. have you received a response yet?
  5. personally I prefer etchings over bonus tracks, I'm very happy to see this will have one.
  6. $26.28 shipped with coupon. happy to have seen this.
  7. shouldve bought the white when I had the chance, I didnt think it was going to sell out within a few hours. it's brand new, I should've known better.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the limited pre orders get an intricate poligoth zine like rsd deja.
  9. It's up for pre order on the site right now. Brand New posted on IG.
  10. So will this only be available on black(any inside info on this thread)? I want to order a copy but I'll wait if there'll be a color variant.