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  1. Still no word of other variants. Patiently waiting for a tour press or whatever to be announced.
  2. In time and ready for the preorder. Excited even though charmer nearly bored me to death.
  3. Just to be clear are you guys talking about these guys or these guys I've been listening to sport for a while but I've never heard sports. and I'm trying to find their bandcamp.
  4. WTB sorority noise 'No Halo' lathe cut.

  5. This is pretty sick. I'm about to dig up whatever I can find on this band.
  6. Did Home fall short of the hype you've heard? It's one of the few emo records I've heard that I felt lived up to the pedestal people put it on. I'm still waiting on my BSM copy for the new SN. I've been streaming it quite a bit I can't wait to hear it on vinyl. If anyone dislikes this album for whatever strange reason and had a chance to grab the No Halo 10", I'll gladly purchase this off you.
  7. Someone had messaged me the pressing info before but I didn't want to say anything till the band confirmed it. Hard to believe the clear is still in stock- this is a very solid emo release and one of my favorites so far this year. Don't sleep.
  8. What'd the buyer trade you? Just curious to know.
  9. Just picked one up. Still in stock. I'm starting to love BSM releases more and more. Glad I held off on buying this rather than getting a regular black.
  10. /100 is an insane amount of test presses but these unique covers are killer
  11. It shows as in stock but if you try to add to cart it changes to oos.
  12. Can't think of who but someone on the board has been looking for that AFS tdag /200 black for a long while. If someone remembers tag them.
  13. Happy for a bandcamp preorder. I enjoy getting the digital album added to my collection rather than an MP3 card for some random download site. I wish more artists did this.
  14. I've never heard his music yet I have most of what he's put out with orm I purchased when drunk. It honestly showed up like a month or two ago when I purchased the stuff I want to say well over a year ago. That label is awful.
  15. New ghost bath should be great. Also, does anyone here have an OG copy of moonlover and the repress and have a comment on the difference in sound quality? I have a first press and it's so quiet and grainy that I try not to play it. I'd like to pick up a gold if it sounds better.