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  1. Going to grab that pink which I'm assuming is retail @runforcover? I love the artwork. The artist does stuff for Title Fight, Tigers Jaw and other bands.
  2. Yes, outersleeves are essential. You should have gotten those first, then swapped out the inners after. I haven't swapped out my inners.. prob won't because I'm cheap.
  3. You can go the Peter Griffin route, but replace fleas with bedbugs.. "There's only one thing to do - learn the language of the fleas, earn their trust, and breed with their women. And in time our differences will be forgotten." but for real.. I only ever had to deal with fleas which sucked. They went away when we treated our cats and had an exterminator spray the basement (where they came from at first).
  4. How does it sound? I'm loving this album a lot.
  5. ...and it begins
  6. The tour version is on yellow wax (saw it on their IG account)
  7. I have an orange copy, but no matchbook. Hoping the seller I bought it from years ago on ebay smoked his/her cigs with them.
  8. According to Amazon, Louder Now got bumped to 06/30
  9. Still have to grab that LP. It's only $11 I think on Amazon right now.
  10. I did the same.. I believe it was you or someone else that suggested that since I had a Cartel 2xLP in my order. I'm in the U.S. so it may be different in Canada.
  11. someday possibly. I have nothing against hardcore, but I don't listen to much. I did play Westpoint and For Ages (a smaller local band, if you like HWM).
  12. Thank you all for the tips! I did my first show today (2 hours) and it went great without any dead air. I was nervous for the first 20-30 minutes, but got the hang of it and felt more comfortable. 88.5 WRKC (King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA). You can stream on the tunein app, but only on data for some reason. Doesn't work even on a fast wifi connection. I def prepped for it and had a playlist ready to go and talked every 3-4 songs. I would love to bring some LP's/singles in, but their turnable isn't working so I used my macbook. 90% of it is at least 256-320 so nothing too low. I was going to substitute some of the digital tracks with CD's, but I need to get the hang of swapping back and forth first. I really don't want a DJ name, but want to at least title the show. I was just going to use an Adolescents song (Word Attack), but I'm not sure yet. I just posted a playlist on my personal IG account @bhoussock Thanks again all
  13. I really liked the song. A bit different, but sounded good to me. I was hoping they pressed a 7" of it when they released it.
  14. I've wanted to do it for awhile and just got in. I go for training on Thursday and may even start on Friday. Any vital tips, suggestions, etc. I'm going to mostly be playing punk rock. Classic and current. I've done some homework () and have been reading a lot on online so I don't fuck it up, but anything from my fellow VC'ers would be much appreciated.