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  1. Anyone see this today? Neither of my local places had it so I grabbed one from Amazon. I've seen pics on IG, so it's definitely out.
  2. Can't find Wombats on any of those sites. Still looking for a copy!
  3. Did anyone grab the Germs 7"? It came with an insert to go here on 05/29 with a proof of purchase code. It says 'remember to collect the set'... lower the price and I probably would have
  4. For sure, how does the og sound? Was always curious.
  5. The Sundays LP was a bit off center, some IGD on both sides, and no insert. It's relatively quiet which I was hoping for. A small tick here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary. From the matrix etching, it looks like a United pressing from Nashville which don't always sound too great (from personal experience). Mine came with a 1" seam split too which happened in transit. The artwork is slightly blown up, but you really have to look close and I've seen much worse. It's not worth $26 at all, but if you like the album and see it out in the wild, I'd pick it up. I wouldn't pay crazy, inflated prices though. Hope they give it a better vinyl treatment sometime in the future. Thank you again for posting your leftovers on here @Monster Music & Movies
  6. Tug, you are letting me down
  7. Didn't want to start a new thread, but Millencolin's Pennybridge and Life On A Plate got new pressings. Not sure how new the Life On A Plate one is, but got an email about Pennybridge. They offer media so it came to about $25ppd.
  8. Got that Dimple email.. I was hoping for it anyway. I already got 5 out of the 6 records I wanted elsewhere.
  9. Refreshed Bull Moose to see Balance & Composure up. I had points so it was only $3.99 plus shipping. Wombats is the last thing I need.
  10. David Bowie - No Plan EP CRSRJB73K363AUZ
  11. I don't actually think there was. I was looking for it when the list came out.
  12. Pretty pricey, but I caved and grabbed a copy on yellow. I'm only a completist with a few bands (the Germs being one), but I'm not spending that much on all four copies.