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  1. Grabbed NUFAN and F2F. Also grabbed a Dogpiss LP for $8. Never heard them and found it while browsing.
  2. Sent the Warner store an email asking if this is exclusive to the store and if the retail version will be on standard vinyl. I'd grab it through them if that's the case.
  3. It's more directed toward people that start ebay stores a week or two before RSD, list a ton of exclusives and jack up the prices while using RSD's images from their website on the listings. Although, flippers can easily find other images on the web since a lot of it has been issued.
  4. I think a good a chunk of bands care somewhat of what fans think of their sound (past and current), but it's ultimately their choice (which it should be). I personally don't mind his production and I can see why they go to him. He's a smart person with a great studio setup and seems like he looks at his work as friendships over business. On the other hand, I can also see fans wanting to hear a variety with different producers and their take on the band they work with. Myself included as a fan. edit: also can't wait to pre-order this
  5. Probably going to grab a copy. I streamed a few tracks when you posted this since I've never heard this album. I love Damned, Damned, Damned, Machine Gun Etiquette and The Black Album. All of which I don't own on wax yet.
  6. In for that Goo Goo Dolls box, although I wish they pressed them individually. I only want Hold Me Up and Superstar Car Wash. edit: all these people hating on Goo Goo Dolls, yet buying Space Jam soundtracks and Marcy Playground LP's
  7. How is the sound quality on 'New Again'? I was going to grab the reissue next month, but would like an og.
  8. Charmer's my favorite for sure. I also noticed Black Cement on their website.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I sent them a quick email because I ordered the S/T Cartel album at the time because it was really cheap. Just realized I ordered these on 06/02/2016, yikes.
  10. Spun my BCR a little awhile ago. No pops or skips, but overall sound quality is good, not great. It was a HT splatter pressing so my expectations weren't high.
  11. Grabbed a blue copy. Friend wanted the CD so we split shipping. Price is steep, but at least we get 11 new songs rather than just a few acoustic tracks or something like that.
  12. Hope they use the U.S. tracklist too. The extra song on each album is great.
  13. I was going to grab the standard ones locally, but that's a gooood deal.
  14. I usually luck out and want only one or two things, but there's some decent stuff I'm going to grab this year. Balance & Composure, Blondie, Germs (usually not into variants, but I need all 4 ), The Sundays, The Wombats (maybe?) and possibly that Early L.A. comp. Waiting for details.