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  1. After the site going down on me and then having to login again I was finally able to check out. Hopefully they'll be able to fulfill my order.
  2. Was finally able to add a title to my cart but now I'm just sitting here trying to check out. This is what I expected, just hoping that they'll actually be able to fulfill what I'm after.
  3. I haven't gotten a cancellation email nor a confirmation email from Dimple.
  4. Seems like there is a significant reduction in RSD sales this year. A little bummed - at least deathwish didn't let me down.
  5. I ordered a Thrice from Bengans earlier. I had a problem with an order from them once and they were more than helpful taking care of it so I'm willing to roll the dice.
  6. I got the DEP 7" - spun it just now and won't ever again so if anyone wants it at cost shoot me a PM. EDIT: DEP is gone. Also on the prowl for that Thrice 7" still...
  7. Nope. Probably just delayed a bit, always happens this time of year.
  8. They started at 12:00 am yesterday so they've been up for about 36 hours now.
  9. Use code LP20 for 20% off at soundstagedirect until Sunday night. 10% off at Dead Tank Records through Friday night using code RSDUMB.
  10. Season of Mist is running 20% off their titles until the 23rd. https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/record-store-day-2017-sales/?utm_source=Season+of+Mist+US+Shop&utm_campaign=866a268f56-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_04_20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d47ad6caad-866a268f56-205564153&mc_cid=866a268f56&mc_eid=8f1c14f198
  11. They added the digital album to bandcamp this morning for anyone interested.
  12. Creep records in Philly posted that they'd have a copy and that it was limited to 60.
  13. Any chance the wish list feature will eventually make it on to the new site?
  14. Yeah, I figured it would be an online thing - should've clarified. Wasn't the SE of Blacklisted's Heavier than Heaven released in tandem with RSD? Edit: I was wrong - it was a black friday release.