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  1. It does say the cover art is exclusive to this 1st pressing...given Real Gone's track record there will be subsequent pressings, so you could just hold out for one of those to see what the cover will be.
  2. Decided to grab the DW variant and book since I also wanted to pre-order that new Direwolves EP.
  3. Wow, this was completely unexpected! Now if only I could decide which variant to grab...
  4. It's worth a lot - try asking around on some of the facebook groups like Legion of Ghost or Ghost Collectors.
  5. Friends of mine at Frightmare said they were told about $60 for the standard and $100-120 for the mondo exclusive.
  6. They just released a new shirt with that design so I had to immediately order it - such awesome art.
  7. Was fortunate enough to score one of the misprint jackets from Austin - huge thanks and props his way as it came out awesome and is a great companion to a collection oddity. Definitely owe him one!
  8. Thanks guys - I'll go ahead and contact their customer service.
  9. Since I posted in the J. Bannon Wear Your Wounds thread I figured I'd check here as well - anybody receive the new issue with the WYW flexi? I still haven't received mine and I know one fellow VCer said theirs showed up about a month ago.
  10. Anyone get their New Noise flexi yet?
  11. Not taking a trip down memory lane for that price. My cd will do just fine.
  12. My relic showed up on Saturday - think it's safe to say nobody will be disappointed with this record.
  13. Also a yellow variant exclusive to RevHQ.