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  1. Will you sell AFP for how much you got it for during the great Koz inventory purge of last year?
  2. I said "good" records as in generally considered to be "good", especially when they were all out of press or unavailable at the time. They were well-favored by members of the service. Do I think they did it intentionally? Not necessarily, but it wouldn't be the worst business strategy considering how many people go with their 3-month plan.
  3. Killer; I'm seeing them tomorrow so I'll grab a tour variant. Did they have their first LP? I still need a copy.
  4. You're crazy...this album is worth it for "Earth" alone.
  5. Person Pitch ---> Breaking Atoms ---> Yours Conditionally Demon Days ---> Tidal ---> City Music I know it's ridiculous to look for a pattern and expect it to be followed, but it's worth note that in each of the above cases from 2017 we've gotten two "good" releases followed by a "throwaway".
  6. Ordered. Crossing my fingers that Repeater can get their hands on the rights to Gospel's The Moon is a Dead World, too.
  7. Some stuff sold. Still some amazing albums left, though!
  8. I don't know how much faith I put in Zia but if they say it's being held, you're probably good.
  9. Haha you know it's bad when you get called out by Halo 2
  10. I haven't heard Beach Music but this solves the biggest problem I had with DSU, which was that some of the songs didn't feel fully developed. So yeah, I like this record!
  11. This actually raises the interesting question of what the fifth and sixth sides will be called on this release.
  12. That's fair. As far as those kids from my graduating class go--no idea. It's definitely very few of them from what I can tell who actually want to go into combat (some want to be on the tech side of things) and I don't know why they do.