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  1. Help me out please I need this one back
  2. Anyone know where I can find the Beatles 7 inch or have one they'd sell me?
  3. Wtb: the Beatles - penny lane / strawberry RSD

    Mine claimed to order some but never got any. It really surprises me cause there precious rsd releases were always in huge abundance like the singles box set and long tall sally ep. Such a shame they did so much less for literally one of their best singles.
  4. So anyone have a copy they will sell me? Is the flipping phase passed yet?
  5. Wtb: mineral vinyl (any and all)

    I got a sealed second press og. Real cheap too very happy. Still wouldn't mind the colored vinyl from xtra mile.
  6. Wtb: mineral vinyl (any and all)

    Went ahead and got that sealed colored from France
  7. Wtb: mineral vinyl (any and all)

    Yeah that's my option if no one here has a copy
  8. Wtb: mineral vinyl (any and all)

    Looking for The power of failing (preferably colored vinyl from xtra mile but also down for the black from arena rock) &serenading 7" split with jimmy eat world 7" og pressings of endserenading and pof would be cool too
  9. G.L.O.S.S. "trans day of revenge" 7"

    The new songs are so great. Hope a tape version comes out soon. Definitely wanna support gloss.
  10. Wtb: Beyoncé - lemonade

    Ok people are saying they've obtains copies. Can anyone help me out?
  11. Seriously. I know it just seems to be the standard price tapes go for now but i don't think it's worth it. I got an og copy of enema on tape for a quarter 2 years ago.
  12. $35 definitely is up there in that silly price range but oh man you truly get your money's worth when you compare the quality of the cd. Hope it comes out again.
  13. 1994*. I definitely feel anxious on a wildflowers repress. This is truly a great compilation but with tom petty i need all his albums. has anyone heard highway companion on vinyl? Holy shit it sounds unbelievable. Literally one of the best sounding albums I've ever heard when it comes to dynamics. Prices online have always been terrible but urban outfitters randomly had copies a few years ago. Wish I still had it. Wish I still had my copy of wildflowers.
  14. PO: Drake - Views

    ^dude thabks. My gf is gonna go wild for that one. Hope it goes through.
  15. I'm sure no one is really just willing to part with the insert but the copy I bought not too long ago (original) didn't include the insert as shown in the photo below. If anyone has it and doesn't need it please hit me up. Would also be willing to just purchase the whole thing if that's the only way anyone wants to sell it.