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  1. Finally got a special item for my 7-day streak, flexin around with that CP2106 Steelix baybay, also my 100% IV Blissey is stupid strong. Who's got a Tyranitar already??
  2. Anyone playing anymore? Gen 2 this weekend so Ima see wassup, level 32 but fell of flike everyone else..
  3. That was one hell of a crazy game, stoked to win but bummed Pats stole it, thanks everyone and The Saint for wrangling us all together on this, see you all again next year!
  4. RIP $40 US shipping
  5. Found on Reddit to be honest: Limousine - Wrestling Wave I was able to grab an UltraMania so we'll see how it comes out, pretty nostalgia-esque shit though..
  6. Space Jam is being re-issued for next year (2017) by Rhino via Warner/Atlantic, colored vinyl mass repress I believe, they're pressing 'em as you read this..
  7. Last halloween right? I ALMOST went, but his set time was something stupid like 4 or 5 a.m, I ended up doing the Ugly Mane show the next day, I'm sure LA will get thrown in eventually, we feindin out here!
  8. Damn, JUST missed the purple as I was checking out, oh well, black it is!
  9. Tony Molina is THE BEST, bought 2 with the quickness
  10. Tony Molina is THE BEST, bought 2 with the quickness