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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe they are doing some new artwork for it ☺️
  2. FS: Mondo Posters

    Selling some posters from Mondo. I'm from Belgium so shipping is not that cheap (€19 with tracking). Send me pm with an offer or if you would like to ask something. - Batman 1989 by Ken Taylor (regular) - Jaws by Phantom City Creative (variant) - Back to the Future by Tom Whalen (regular) - Labyrinth by Laurent Durieux (regular) - Batman - The Dark Knight by Lauren Durieux (regular) - Arrival by Kevin Tong (regular) - Ghost in the Shell by Kevin Tong (regular) - Spongebob Squarepants by Tom Whalen (regular) - Cooties by Jay Shaw & Jason Edmiston - Coraline by Tom Whalen - National Lampoon's Vacation by Andrew Kolb
  3. 3 New soundtrack releases from Max Richter arriving on october 27th If I look at past releases from Max Richter these will probably be ready at the end of the year. 1. Black Mirror - Nosedive 2. Taboo 3. Henry May Long
  4. PO now: Makthaverskan - III

    This Ding Dong didn't take the time to use the drop down menu because I already ordered from bandcamp. Should've done some better homework before posting a lazy reply. Ding Dong Out
  5. PO now: Makthaverskan - III

    No idea but it's the only place I saw it.
  6. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    No separate vinyl announced. Maybe they'll release it with some boring color. But looking at that vinyl it must be a picture disc.
  7. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    We Happy Few deluxe box with vinyl. About $150 and the game not included... hmmm
  8. PO now: Makthaverskan - III

    Bought that spot gloss jacket. It was listed as SUPER limited on their bandcamp. Not sure what the difference is between 500 and 500
  9. Noticed in the greenhell update this is delayed 'till 13.10
  10. Maybe when you buy 50 they'll randomly insert it like in the old days when you bought 2.
  11. Found another soda clear exclusive on fnac.fr Cheapest one for me so ordered this one. https://musique.fnac.com/a10764744/Lana-Del-Rey-Lust-for-Life-Vinyle-blanc-transparent-couleur-bouteille-de-soda-Edition-Exclusive-Fnac-Vinyl-album?omnsearchpos=2
  12. I got a shipping notification for the vinyl
  13. Did anyone ever received a wrong order from Mondo? Anyone an idea how they handle this? Already had to pay extra import charges and when I need to return it I will have to pay about €32 shipping. All 3 items are sold out and the one's I ordered are also sold out. (Ordered 2 Disney posters, received 3 and one of those is correct).
  14. So is the clear sold out on the UK site?