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  1. I really don't like KM that much. I guess I'll cancel. Hoping that means I'll still get the FF for spaz.
  2. So far, all I can discern is talk of thermo nuclear war regarding Ondo, Nigeria, Professor Falken, Joshua, Tic tac's all a reference to War Games from the 80s. Not sure the relevance yet... End of the World Edition... except there is no WW3 in War games. This is starting to become some Brand New level shit. More has happened. More references to War Games. Seems that ToyBinz tweeter is legit with two of those 90s eye hologram pics that say "Follow the Code" and now a Phone. Also "THEOVINCENTAGNES" are literally Ryan's cats- Theo, Vincent, and Agnes.
  3. Ok. I did. My brother used to rave about him. I saw him open for Ray Lamontagne, so I know he's at least talented.
  4. Oh nice. So, is this a new album or band?
  5. Same. Hoping to grab this locally. Eventually. With giftcards. Or even cheaply on Amazon.
  6. There's an actual website now that says "coming soon"
  7. According to SRC, both of those Cure Comps are getting pressed on black 2LP. So that's exciting. I was interested in them, but not as picture discs. I try to limit my picture disc purchases
  8. Well shit. Guess I screwed myself outta a few bucks (in a case of ironic greediness).
  9. Snagged Damien Rice and Boy Named Goo for $30ppd
  10. Anyone have any insound coupon code? Edit : Welcome 10
  11. Maximum Dra? Cool. I'll keep an eye on the site
  12. This is starting to get silly. I was just trying to help a brother out. VMP is wack.
  13. That'd be some bullish. Spazz would be sad at me.
  14. I am signed in and it's not letting me grab anything. SAD!