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  1. Placed a follow up order, finally. Snagged a $5 Formlessness tee and Both Deer Leap LPs for $25 shipped. Hopefully it makes it out eventually. I know Nicole has been unwell lately. Lots of LPs are still available at $6. Tons of $3 cassettes. Plenty of cheap shirts.
  2. PO: Black Panther The Album

    Oh Nick Alt, you're such a slimey bastard.
  3. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Just got this in today. This package is a tank. I wish every vinyl release was like the deluxe.
  4. https://www.sorrystaterecords.com/collections/all/products/run-the-jewels-rtj-stay-gold-collectors-box-12
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    If not, I'll take one.
  6. Record Store Day 2018

    Every fucking copy of TBR is on eBay. Obviously it's expected, but man, people suck.
  7. Record Store Day 2018

    If anyone sees the Trampled By Turtles 7" (Wildflowers), and decides they should get it for me, that'd be cool. My buddy may go and get it for me, but the more feelers out, the better. Of course, I'll pay cost, Shipping, etc I may also find it cheap online.
  8. Record Store Day 2018

    What a racist nerd
  9. No fault in liking what you like... unless it's the cover art work. There is definitely fault in that.
  10. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    I'm pretty open-minded, I'll give it a couple of times.
  11. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Well damn. Glad I grabbed one. There's (n)one left. I've never even heard this album. If I listen and hate it, I'll pass it along to another for $10.
  12. Record Store Day 2018

    Jesus Christ, he's got some crazy schtick for each RSD.