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  1. found this on FB and had to post.
  2. Thanks. Had a general wifi breakdown here at the library minutes before it went up, but was able to score some tri-colors for some friends and myself. Really glad they put up that EU/UK store. If I understand the store page correctly, the variant with the shirt (half/half w/ splatter) is available by itself. The EU/UK indie exclusive from the variant rundown a page back is probably an in-store retail exclusive.
  3. still nothing there anyway as it seems
  4. just throw on my copy to check, and it sounds more or less flawless to my ears. I have the EU press though so there might be a difference there.
  5. this If you haven't, try the Blue Dream 7". It's the closest they got to PV quality-wise before that was released.
  6. my local store has listed a clear variant as well, without the goodie bag. So that might probably be the only thing exclusive to Amoeba.
  7. I agree, such a good record. I really wasn't sure whether he could pull of the more "serious", less funky style that showed through on the first few singles. Turns out they work perfectly for the record as a whole but there's also still some good old weird stuff going on on a few tracks. I'm happy it's not a Salad Days 2.0 or something, even if that one probably remains my favorite.
  8. just got my copies in. No customs issues whatsoever, as has been reported before by others. Big shoutout to CT for getting them out prior to release day even for overseas people! My copies also arrived in absolutely pristine condition (and in a sturdy mailer). Some slight warping on my copy but it doesn't affect playback. First spin right now and the pressing quality is really good too! I'm eager to get to know the record now as I have held off from listening to the leak. Very happy so far, will definitely consider ordering directly through the label again in the future. edit: Just for the sake of stats in this thread: I had ordered three copies for some friends and myself, and all of them are about the same color (green/blue/yellow-ish marble). I assume they were pressed and packed subsequently. So if you ordered a single copy you might get whatever and if you ordered multiple copies they are probably going to have the same color.
  9. you could just copy the typed answer and put it in quotes or spoilers or whatever
  10. Shipping from Omnian across the pond was more than reasonable priced! I have yet to receive my copies here in Germany (tracking says they're on their way from Brooklyn) but it should come out to about ~26€ ppd per copy for the special edition if I don't have to pay customs like the other users reported. Most record stores here have listed the regular version at about 30€ lol.
  11. I can't recall the incident right now, but anyway this is not only about the typeface but about the whole layout. They copied pretty much everything, just with subpar shitty execution.
  12. Yeah, when I received the mail earlier I felt that CT might have reached the number of initial sales/pre-orders that obliged them to be absolutely transparent about the process if they wouldn't want a nice shit storm on the webs - at least that's my impression from everything I have read about earlier CT pre-orders on these boards and elsewhere.
  13. can anyone comment on the sound/pressing quality of the remaster? Is it clearly superior to, say, the Grau releases? I would be interested in Ashes Against... in specific. Discogs unfortunately has no comments listed for the pressing so far. Thanks!
  14. just recently grabbed their first 12" EP. Really good stuff. The artwork to the announced LP though is just really lame.. I'm stoked nonetheless and hope for some additional artwork to come with the final release.