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  1. really not that smart of a move to use the Holocaust Memorial (Berlin) as a backdrop for your music video - I'm sure a lot of people will feel offended by it and it actually made me think twice if I wanted to share the video with some friends. The music is cool however, will keep an eye out for when the whole record drops. Any plans for EU/Germany distribution?
  2. I've never bought from them before. But yes, usually German international shipping is rather reasonable, so that might be your best bet. I couldn't find anything on their homepage though.
  3. no clue, but that variant surely does sound rad!
  4. was able to score the /300 merge variant. 31€ ppd to Germany. Not too bad, and this is certainly an album that I would like to have a nice variant of. Really excited for this release!
  5. dude.. that /300 looks so good. Will try to get a copy, eager to see the "EU/UK" pre-order options and hoping it's not gonna make me cry.
  6. how does the yellow sound? Upon first listen I dug the album, but I've seen people shitting on the overall mix of this album (similar to the first LP) and now I'm wondering if spinning the LP will be just a big annoyance.
  7. so in for this! My favorite Death album and the one of these reissues I've been waiting for most eagerly for sure. Also, I have the black Roadrunner/Cargo 2007 repress that I obtained three years ago for about 15€ new, just realized now that Discogs says it sells for around 40€ on average - which makes no sense as the (apparently identical) Metal Blade repress is available for about half of that. So yeah, if you're still missing Symbolic that should be the way to go!
  8. PO NOW: Citizen - As You Please

    stripped-down version of "Jet". Absolutely incredible, this makes me look forward to the upcoming release even more.
  9. nope, 33rpm. Can only speak for EU standard black (couldn't pass it up for 18€), but it does indeed sound amazing. If you were wondering about 45rpm with regard to quality, I can assure you that this record sounds at least equally as good as most of the 45rpm records that I can remember.
  10. PO: Beach Fossils- Somersault(June 2)

    just a little heads up for anyone planning to attend any of the upcoming shows: these guys totally kill it live. One of the best shows I've seen this year. Also, with regard to the hobby™, take note that they have the white w/ red splatter variant with them for sale as well next to standard black. Make sure to ask the merch guy as I saw them hand out standard copies to people who didn't ask for the splatter in specific. They also threw in those goodie bags (not sure if only for purchasers of the splatter or also for standard). Glad I held off buying until this point - the live show convinced me to give the record another chance and that splatter is surely one of the coolest-looking in my collection.
  11. yeah, that would be totally like... the original release?
  12. I could totally understand why they wouldn't ship internationally. No blame at all to this awesome label. However, their postings always say "we ship throughout the galaxy", which to me sounds as if they don't really care where people are/where they have to ship it to. They might have some kind of "international limit" though, like only a certain amount of intl. people get a package each time and after that they ship only domestic in order not to drown in shipping costs. I guess we'll never know, but I'll keep trying because their stuff is cool as hell.
  13. I do, but... ... maybe that's why I haven't gotten anything yet despite entering the last couple giveaways with the quickness. Not really sure if that makes a difference though, probably depends on whether they sort out the mails re: giveaways by hand or have a program with a certain filter do it.
  14. posters look super sleek. Emailed them 5 minutes after the post went up - the quest continues. Come on, IDIB!
  15. didn't know that! But then it's even more weird that within the same pressing some copies are perfect while some are so faulty...