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  1. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Nah i'm all good, already bought the ones I wanted off you there a while back I think (old man markley and liverbirds). I'm struggling on trademe lately to sell vinyl with a fair few watchers but no one actually buying
  2. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Can only assume those are the ones on trademe that have been on there for a while around the $15-20 mark?
  3. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    saw that greatest hits was up. shame shipping to new zealand is $38 which is nearly twice the price after the discount!
  4. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    I got royally screwed with you shop a while back. Bought some snow gear from backcountry.com and they ended up sending it to youshop in 2 parcels so I got charged extra for that and the weight they charged me for was more than what was shown on the original packing slip. I try to avoid using them now but for some brands that is the only way to get them into the country.
  5. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    Yeah was the half price shipping they had going. Still if it was full price at just over $10USD per record I don't think it's too bad. Just a bit crap if you're only buying one. If you ever wanna go in on an order from over that way let me know. I'm always on the lookout for something to purchase
  6. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    ordered this and 3 other records and it was just over $20 shipping to New Zealand which is crazy cheap. Only took 7 days to get to the country also. Pretty damn impressed with hot topic on that front.
  7. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    still be cheaper than real groovy
  8. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    Damn time zone differences and being on the other side of the world. It wasn't up before I went to bed and then when I got up it was all sold out. Hopefully there's another load of them going up otherwise it's paying over the odds for me. If anyone has ordered a couple extra then I would be damn keen to purchase 1-2 of them from you.
  9. Cheap sports jerseys buying

    Anyone tried these guys yet? Any word on any other sites that may be good for ordering from?
  10. NHL Discussion

    Yeah man. Watching all the way down in New Zealand. Plus I also take that statement back given the empty netter the flames just got. Next year...
  11. NHL Discussion

    Ha the flames have pulled hiller only 8 minutes in. Come on the 'nucks. We'll do it in 7
  12. Cheap sports jerseys buying

    Will be interested in how you get on with the latest order. I ordered some stuff from them at the start of the year and they charged me twice which was not a good start. That was after they said no paypal yet have it shown on the website. They then advised me they don't have the stock after taking payment. When I requested a refund they said it would be processed the next day however it took 2 months before they then said they couldn't refund me and I needed my bank to reverse the payment. Once reversed they then asked me why I reversed it and to pay them again. Safe to say it was not the best experience I've had with online shopping.
  13. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    Think I'll give up on this one for a while. Seems ridiculous that it's got to this point with the latest update from interpunk. To be honest we are not sure when the Sublime -40 Oz. To Freedom (Double) LP will be in, that number is just a place holder that our system created. So I would not follow what our system is saying in this case, the release date for the Sublime -40 Oz. To Freedom (Double) LP has been changed to TBA, and we do not know exactly when this will come in. It would be no problem to swap this item for another, or just move it onto its own separate order. The most accurate thing I could say is that it could be months before this comes in. I hope this helps, sorry again for any inconvenience.
  14. sublime 40 oz to freedom repress

    My order is now saying expected in stock in 22 days. I think I'll hold out for this but if it gets delayed again I'll cancel and wait for trh HT version. The release page in interpunk still says a release date of 27 January and does not advise of having to wait for it