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  1. Orchid Tapes Club

    I emailed him a while back and he responded saying he would ship it Monday. Surprisingly, he even sent me the tracking number, and I finally got my dragonchaser tape.
  2. Orchid Tapes Club

    I've never really had much luck with responses from him in the past, but I just sent him an email about it. Maybe it'll work idk.
  3. Orchid Tapes Club

    I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'll probably never get mine. Kinda sucks cause I have all of Aaron's tapes except that one. Maybe one will pop up on discogs or ebay. I'm never ordering anything from OT again, shit is ridiculous.
  4. Just bought the bsd.u late night bumps vinyl a few days ago. Definitely need to pick up pook. Beats 2 chill.
  5. Orchid Tapes Club

    Warren seems like a cool dude and he makes great music, but being too sad to ship what we've paid for is really no excuse.
  6. Orchid Tapes Club

    "ships close to February 30" lol kills me every fucking time
  7. Orchid Tapes Club

    has anybody received their dragonchaser tape yet?
  8. PO: Alex G - Rocket

    never pre ordered something so fast, fucking stoked
  9. Orchid Tapes Club

    new fog lake album is nothing short of what I expected. Incredible stuff. weird though it was released through OT, and they've yet to even comment on a physical release or even the album itself
  10. Orchid Tapes Club

    yea I was wondering the same. OT has been strangely silent lately.
  11. WTB Alex G - RACE cassette

  12. WTB Alex G - RACE cassette

    Hit me up if you got one you'd sell, it's all I need.
  13. Orchid Tapes Club

    lol I have that sticker somewhere, I need to find it