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  1. And -
  2. Was too bad the Leafs lost, but they put up a helluva fight. The fact that they lost 3 of 4 games in OT, and shots, goals, chances, were pretty close to even, says a lot. I don't think anyone is embarrassed at their showing, and hopefully means good things going forward. Also, it was insane/hilarious how literally everyone abandoned the Jays and Raptors for the Leafs. Went from last year not being able to get Jays tickets for under $40, to $6 lower bowl tickets to games.
  3. Didn't end up going out on RSD, but picked up Field Music - Tones of Town online this morning for what I assumed was an appropriate Canadian cost. Wanted the Evan Dando, but it looks like it was listed for about $50US, which by the time I find a place to ship, would be around $100CDN - not worth it at all to me. Also curious about the Atomic Bomb Band, but that seems to be popping up all over online, so I'm hoping it might be one of those still around long after RSD releases...
  4. Should we all just go in and troll the survey or is that too cruel?
  5. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois 10th Anniversary Blue 3LP set - $19.78 prime (crazy good deal - comparable at more than double the price)
  6. Thanks! Among the sub-$10 records I've seen this time around (they had a load of these a few weeks ago in the previous sale): The Who - Who by Numbers Meat Puppets - Huevos Caribou - Swim Flogging Molly - Speed of Darkness A couple of Aerosmith LPs Bullet for My Valentine - Temper Temper, Venom Meat Puppets - S/T Orange Juice - Rip It Up Superchunk - I Hate Music, Foolish, Majesty Shredding Steve Earle - I'll Never Make it Out of this World Alive Elvis Costello - Goodbye Cruel World, Blood and Chocolate, This Year's Model ($12, but a great deal at that) Beck - Song Reader Tweedy - Sukiarae ($12) Cat Power - Sun Interpol - El Pintor, Interpol Pogues - Peace and Love, Hell's Ditch Camper Van Beethoven - Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart, New Roman Times Pig Destroyer - Mass and Volume Lots of good stuff...
  7. The only one I can see in that pile that may be worth $20 or a touch more (depending on condition) is Buckingham Nicks. Most of the rest of those are $5 and under records, as far as I know (maybe someone else will see one or two with greater value...)
  8. Not with Dallas' goaltending as it is. They'd be stupid not to make a move for a legit goalie though....
  9. Can't seem to make the Sound of Vinyl code work. Any tricks? Or just tried enough times that it did?
  10. I'm out. Dead last the last two years - picking this is not my thing.
  11. I've thought about getting a Crack/Speedball for my HD 6XXs, but I'm hesitant to dive into tubes for 2 reasons: 1) little kids at home 2) I'm worried I might like it too much and then spend all my money on tubes. I have a Burson Conductor, and I'm quite happy with the sound on the HD6XX, though the amp is even more incredible with my Hifiman HE400i - makes me want to move up the planar chain to pair with the Conductor. I see a fully assembled Crack with Speedball on Hifi classified sites every couple of months or so. I've been tempted more than once, but resisted.
  12. No, but if any Canadian gets an extra black LP, I'll make a deal (sorry Americans - cost of shipping would make it not worth it).
  13. Am I the only one in the world who didn't like American Gods? Quite frankly I think Neil Gaiman is terribly overrated. It seems like each time his plots take a turn he expands his fantastic universes to conveniently cover a plot hole. Found that to be especially true with The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I'm not a huge fantasy fan in general - there has been some I've quite liked, but I don't seek it out - and I picked up both books due to his wider appeal, but found the prose unimpressive and just really didn't care for the stories. Recently read John Darnielle's (the Mountain Goats) Universal Harvester, which I quite liked. At first I finished it and wasn't sure what to think, but the more I reflect, the more I enjoyed it. Audiobooked Bruce Springsteen's autobiography - he reads it. It was pretty good - felt a bit long at times. But man, he has such a good voice for reading to you..
  14. Awesome. I love this album, and was recently debating whether to pick up an original press for around $45, but passed. Excited to see it back in print.
  15. Box Set Deal....on Black Eyed Peas Complete Collection (hey - I'm sure someone wants this?) $99.92 CDN - I worked it out with shipping to US to about $90USD.