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    Tricked out* Crosley
    *just a regular Crosley with extra stickers
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    a tricked out guitar amp (aka so many friggin stickers)
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    What's an amplifier?
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    Is that the cable that goes from the Crosley to the amp? I think it's black. I put stickers on it.
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    I once found a milk cartridge and I put all 8 of my records in it.
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    Sometimes I spin my records faster to see how fast I can make them go.
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    Wire is so overrated. I prefer Mission of Burma.

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  1. AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread

    A Canadian deal I posted earlier on Reddit, but I figure it's a pretty sweet deal even with US shipping: 4 God Is An Astronaut reissues for $8.32 CDN each: self-titled, End of the Beginning, All Is Violent All Is Bright, Helios/Erebus
  2. Albums you once wrote off

    When I was 12, I bought Wilco's Being There because I liked the single, Outtasite, but quickly found I didn't like the album because i thought it was too country. So I sold it. Four or five years later, I found myself becoming obsessed with the alt-country boom of the early 2000s, and Wilco quickly became one of my favourite bands (saw them three days before YHF was released and it was amazing). Re-bought that album on CD. Later re-bought on vinyl, and then most recently on special edition vinyl. Still the only album I've bought 4 different times...
  3. Got mine today. So much nostalgia. Super excited to have all of these tracks in one place. Feels like now the only song not available on vinyl (other than in demo form) is Trees Lounge.
  4. What's your latest purchase?

    Recently tweaked/upgraded my headphone setup, since with 3 kids under 5, I mostly only have time to listen to headphones instead of my turntable setup. Audeze LCD 3 Fazor with Norne Audio balanced headphone cable Massdrop x Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp Gustard X20U Pro DAC Kimber Kable PBJ balanced XLR interconnects Onkyo DPX1A as DAP/transport
  5. I have a Bugle 2 - been pretty happy with it. Got it a couple years ago for $150 CDN and found that it definitely opened up the sound. Didn't realize you can tweak it to different dB - thought you had to buy different versions.

    Your opinion has offended me, Sidney Crosley, inventor of the record player and star hockey shooting guy. Fake news!
  7. The Hayden love knows no boundaries. I picked one up for myself as well. Super excited for this album - I have such a special affinity for this era. My family was travelling by car to Vancouver in 1998, and I looked in the classifieds to find out that Hayden was playing a night we were there, and awkward 14-year-old me went on my own to see him. I picked up a copy of Carry On Mentality (later badly damaged and since sold), and it just felt like a really special night. It was 17 years before I saw him live again (though have seen him three times in the last few years). Can't wait to get this.
  8. Now on the webpage, but not yet up for sale. Appears to be $30. Also not clear on how limited, but based on the previous Hardwood albums, I would venture no more than 1000. http://hardwoodrecords.bigcartel.com/product/moving-careful-rarities-20th-anniv-ltd-ed-vinyl
  9. There was no indication of just how limited (though guessing from literally every other album he's put out other than the A&C albums, it'll be a low pressing count). But I'll try to buy an extra copy if I can just in case - if you can't get one, holla at me. Also, I know/have heard all of the 7 inch tracks (and A Fortune I'd Kept from the More of Our Stupid Noise comp, which was a favourite when I was 14), but the only instance of Winter Trip, to my understanding, was from demos for The Closer I Get. Did it come out in any other way?
  10. various download codes

    Thanks. Took Cocteau.
  11. yessssss. So into this. I love all of these songs. This was my dream - moving careful plus all of the singles!
  12. PO: Attack In Black - Marriage (10th Anniversary)

    Went to go buy the Wintersleep represses this morning and noticed they have pressed the Fake Love Songs tape on vinyl. Standard black plus coloured (limited to 100). No fanfare I have seen about this so far but on sale now: www.dinealonestore.com
  13. The best David Bowie album

    Low and Ziggy for me. And honestly, Changesonebowie is about as good a compilation of any artist ever, and for a long time, was my only Bowie on vinyl, so I played the shit out of it.
  14. Best US cities for record stores?

    I really liked record shopping in Seattle and Portland. New York was pretty good too but I wasn't quite as impressed. I'd love to go record shopping in Chicago though.... Depending on amount of time and whether you want to do multi-city/destination, Toronto is also quite fun for record shopping - there are quite a few stores, and while some aren't so impressive, there are an array of pretty good ones (a number of which have opened up in the last five years), and the GBP will go further when compared against the Canadian dollar. Let me know if Toronto is where you end up and I can make some suggestions.
  15. Crosley t200

    Still better than that turntable.