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  1. More action now than there was at the trade deadline. Interesting to see if any more deals happen.
  2. Still crossing my fingers that treble charger's self=title and Maybe It's Me someday get pressed. Seems like more and more stuff from that era is showing up on vinyl.
  3. Not that this thread needed resurrection, but....
  4. Up on,  $39 CAD each.
  5. I'm in the same boat as you. One of my favourite albums ever (can't believe I only discovered it a couple of years ago), and have an original CDN press, but would definitely fork out money for a nicely pressed copy.
  6. Four of his non-ambient 70s LPs are getting the 2LP 45rpm half-speed master treatment, out in August: Another Green World Before and After Science Here Come The Warm Jets Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Preorder on Eno's website - 26UKP each. I can only imagine they will be widely available, but we will see. I wonder if this means reissues of all his early stuff?
  7. Unfortunately it's pretty unmemorable. Not bad by any means, but I bought it on sale two years ago and haven't had any desire to relisten since.
  8. Bugle 2 is great - noticed an upgrade from an equivalent to the Phono MM (by NAD) right away. You'll like it!
  9. I think you have a lot of members here who will be rooting for you (myself included), as it sounds like you have the right passion and ideas to make this work. I don't have much to offer other than best wishes for success. Next time I'm in NYC I'll be coming by.
  10. Debating if I think this one is great or too much of a mess. My fave of his since AIB is Sleep Beneath The Willow, and I recognize that this is quite different, and I do love the Hazlewood-style he's been going for, but he's one of these artists who is so prolific I find it hard to keep up, and really dig deep.
  11. Pfft. Severed head? Come on. The president had a FUCKING TYPO on his Twitter!!!! Lock him up!
  12. Best so far: The xx Julie Byrne Sampha Jens Lekman Father John Misty Mount Eerie (okay, objectively beautiful and amazing, but so incredibly sad that I cannot ever listen again) Most excited for: HAIM Fleet Foxes Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit The Wrens* (no idea if their album will come out this year. I mostly just hope for it every year)
  13. Yes, such an amazing record and such an underappreciated band.
  14. I've been recording at home since I was 12, and have done my darndest to keep up with the hobby as an adult, but with a full career, two soon-to-be three kids at home, and limited space to record, I'm finding it hard to get my music done. Last summer I put together most of an album, and I would say it's roughly 80-85% done, but it needs some help. It's mostly an indie rock/bedroom pop/roots rock record wearing its Wilco influence on its sleeve, though I'm modelling the sound on Beulah's When Your Heartstrings Break, Wheat's Hope and Adams, Jim Guthrie's Now More Than Ever, plus a whole bunch of other things. Here's where I could use some help: there are a few instruments that need to be added/replace my tracks, so that I can finish this, and I was wondering if there are any VC musicians who would be interested in laying down some tracks at their houses to add to my songs. The rough list: -I need some electric guitar rhythm and lead parts re-done. I don't have a proper electric guitar in my house and used an acoustic through Logic's 'amps'. It sounds how you think it would. -Piano/keys/synth - my playing is barely passable. -Backup vocals - would be helpful in different places -ambient/electronic noise - if you're an experimental artist, I have a few tracks that may need some sound/noise/ambiance -an electronic drum beat - I made one for a track that sounds like a Casio keyboard, and would greatly appreciate an upgrade -any other non-traditional instrument (got lots of guitars, violin and viola, and keys on the tracks, but would love anything unconventional) If you're interested or considering this, send me a message and I'll share the Dropbox folder with the songs in their current state. You can listen to some of my past music via my signature.