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    Tricked out* Crosley
    *just a regular Crosley with extra stickers
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    a tricked out guitar amp (aka so many friggin stickers)
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    What's an amplifier?
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    Is that the cable that goes from the Crosley to the amp? I think it's black. I put stickers on it.
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    I once found a milk cartridge and I put all 8 of my records in it.
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    Sometimes I spin my records faster to see how fast I can make them go.
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    Wire is so overrated. I prefer Mission of Burma.

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  1. What's your latest purchase?

    The HD6XX (and the HD600 and HD650 for that matter) are around 300 ohm, meaning they won't sound very good plugged directly into any source. Good call on the Magni 3 Modi 2 combo - incredible value/quality for the cost, and if you don't like them/want to upgrade, Schiit products retain most of their value on the secondary market, far more than just about any other brand I've seen.
  2. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

    The real issue to me, from seeing a couple of friends who are heavily invested, is that there is so much focus on the insane growth that people are totally afraid to pull any money out, in fear of possibly losing out on more gains. Those who invest some in bitcoin and then in other more tangible assets or spread out into real things (like real estate), might be okay if things go amiss, but many folks in the cryptocurrency world seem to just invest in other crytocurrencies...
  3. PO: Rhye-Blood (2/2)

    Super excited for this. Also a phenomenal live band.
  4. Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

    Yes! So sad to hear the news about Keene today. Isolation Party in particular is my favourite and I can’t even seem to find it on streaming services at the moment....
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Troy McClure had a thing about sea creatures.
  6. General Headphones Thread

    Audeze is having an insane Black Friday sale on B-Stock and Refurbs. Great deals here. https://www.audeze.com/promotional-products/black-friday-2017
  7. DACs

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but figured it was relevant to my question. I've gone way up the headphone chain in the last few years - now running Audeze LCD-3F with a Burson Conductor (ESS9018). It's a really sweet sound, but I'm thinking I'm ready to take the leap into balanced DACs. I have a Cavalli x Massdrop Liquid Carbon coming in a few months, and I'm thinking I'd love to pair it with a balanced DAC. Anyone have any experience with them? Thinking about the Schiit Gungnir, but not sure if I'll just want a Gungnir Multibit within a year. Was considering going for broke on a Wyred4Sound DAC 2DSDSE (one came up on Canuck Audio Mart), but it's hella pricey. Are there any really worthwhile balanced DACs in the $500-1000 range that folks have tried that might be worth considering? I know that most DACs have a limited shelf-life due to rapid changes in technology growth, so I've been a bit more reluctant to buy endgame if it might be irrelevant in 3-5 years (the Wyred DAC2DSDSE has already been replaced by a more powerful newer model). Part of me also wonders how much of a different a balanced DAC might make compared with unbalanced - I've never actually had a balanced amp, so don't really know what I might be missing....
  8. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    If only the 15 year old girls kept quiet like he threatened them to do, then nobody would have dug up his personal life.
  9. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I'm not saying we need to believe everything on the internet, but imagine a few hundred redditors decided to dig up literally everything they could find on the internet about you without you really permitting it (and obviously anything set to public is just that, but not meant for the level of intense scrutiny I can only imagine). At this point nobody is really talking about this as a criminal case. If it did, this would be evidence. There is no need for 'detectives' to do their worst to discredit the victims (because I'm sure many of them are doing what you described, figuring out the truth, but even if 2% simply made it their duty to find a way to destroy her, it likely wouldn't be that hard).
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    In case anyone wonders why victims feel unsafe coming forward...
  11. 1. Brand New - Science Fiction 2. Ducktails - Jersey Devil 3. XXXTentacion - 17 4. Crystal Castles - Amnesty 5. Kodak Black - Project Baby 2 6. PWR BTTM - Pageant
  12. What books are you reading?

    Except for Nathan Hill's The Nix, which came out last year and was easily one of the best books I've read in the last three years, and I read (mostly audiobook) 30-50 books per year.
  13. What books are you reading?

    I read A Tale for the Time Being. Pretty good, not super amazing or anything but a nice read. Been on an audiobook tear lately, read Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad (just okay), Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing (excellent), Jonathan Safran Foer’s Here I Am (gorgeously written but a mess), and NK Jemisin’s The Fifth Season (not usually a fantasy reader but this was quite good).
  14. various download codes

    Father John Misty - I Love You Honeybear www.subpop.com/download_code 8kttjq3nfajc Haim - Something to Tell You smarturl.it/STTYvinyl XJXH2KPVKRQGAUN