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    Sometimes I spin my records faster to see how fast I can make them go.
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    Wire is so overrated. I prefer Mission of Burma.

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  1. Schiit Magni 2 Uber/Normal ~45% off

    That's a damn good deal for an incredibly capable headphone amp. I had the uber on my desktop setup for awhile, and it packs some solid power. Schiit products, even old ones, don't go on sale very often, much less for half their regular price. If anyone needs a better-than-starter headphone amp, this is basically the best value you'll get, especially with the pre-out on the Uber.
  2. PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Hope they get this one right. Great album with a lot of dynamics. Hopefully mastered properly and pressed well.
  3. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Amazon.co.uk deal Arthur Russell - The World of Arthur Russell 3LP 5.38GBP
  4. General Headphones Thread

    Agreed. I had the HD6XX for about 6 months, and through my Burson Conductor they sounded incredible. I only sold them to help fund an upgrade to Audeze LCD-3, but for that price, they are well worth the money (though they will not be all that impressive direct from an iPhone or laptop). I would say you'd need at least a Schiit Magni or O2 amp to get them going. If you're looking for something a bit warmer though, you can easily find Hifiman HE400i used for around $200 or less. I actually preferred the Hifiman - I think I'm more into the planar magnetic sound. But the HD6XX are identical (other than colour and cable length) to the HD650, which are Head-Fi's highest rated over-ears, and sold before this for $300+ even used.
  5. PO Now: Wilco - A.M. & Being There Deluxe Editions

    YHF turned 15 this year - was released in 2002....but I otherwise concur that it would be an instant buy. I was about to say, if only the More Like the Moon EP was added, but I completely forgot that it was part of Alpha Mike Foxtrot a couple years back...
  6. Does someone know great bands?

    Sorry I only know about mediocre bands.
  7. PO soon: Bon Iver - 22, A Million

    I don't think it sucks, in fact, I think it's quite creative. it's just not overly listenable. I find it grating at times, where too much intentional distortion or clipping is used for effect but ultimately makes this sound like a turd with a half-decent setup. I like it in that it was a cool next step from the first two albums, but I just never have a desire to listen to it.
  8. Massdrop Sennheiser 579

    Looks okay. I kind of feel like there are significantly better headphones that can be acquired used for around that price or just slightly more. Or just wait until Black Friday when Amazon sells the Sennheiser HD 598 for $100 or so. At that price they'll still be moderately popular, but I feel like the HD 6XX for $200 was a way better value/deal/bang for buck.
  9. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    I dunno though....there was some genuine unironic interest in a recent album by the Bloodhound Gang on this board, so you never know. I believe in tug. Tug is real, man. He is all of us. Except with a weird obsession with The Used....
  10. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    How am I only seeing this thread right now?
  11. PO: Josh Ritter - Gathering

    Is anyone else as disappointed as I am with this new record? It just feels a lot more forced - the songwriting in particular I found lacklustre (the production is actually some of the nicest of any of his albums). Usually his clever wordplay makes his songs stand out, but other than Dreams, there really isn't much of it that is too exciting. Trains Go By is a huge misstep - almost sound like he's going for the easy hooks rather than writing a song (the chorus just seems too obvious). Obviously I like that he's not just trying to redo Animal Years/Hello Starling, but this album feels a bit directionless (or just that it really wants to be a Grateful Dead album, but truly is not one). The middle, with three 6+ minute songs in a row, is quite the slog....
  12. I would pay so much for the More of Our Stupid Noise compilation on vinyl...it was one of those CDs I bought when I was 13 because it had treble charger and Hayden on it, and grew to love so many of the songs on the comp, many of which I wouldn't revisit again until at least a decade later.
  13. Interesting, but not overly cheap. The Dears box set, which was also limited, still appears to be in stock. I feel like at that price, the pressing amount seems appropriate - for big fans/completists only. Still, it looks like Paper Bag are working hard on reissues, and that's really cool. I feel like there's a lot of great Canadian music from the last 20 or so years that doesn't get reprinted/repressed, and it's nice to see them countering that. I'd be interested in picking up the first LP on its own, probably not the box set.
  14. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    25th doesn't work for me. Can do 26th or 27th.
  15. Looking for a certain genre

    Gwar. You probably want Gwar.