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  1. It's gonna be so great to see the English subtitles go over the Japanese subtitles yet again.
  2. The Power of the Flip/Gorillaz compels you!
  3. Just go onto your paypal account. Should be on the completed section.
  4. Yep, my purchase was nice and smooth. Already shows as charged on PP.
  5. Welp gents, I got myself one. Broke ass college student knows no bounds lol.
  6. Trust me, it's harder to get Jamie's sig than Damon's. It's worth it. It's his artwork and some of his pieces go for alot of money. I got you on those four songs.
  7. Yeah 7" boxset would be more realistic imo.
  8. Hahaha....I'm gonna be so broke.
  9. Hmm must have missed that EMI died in 2012. Universal Music Group bought up EMI but couldn't get Parlophone. They were instead acquired by Warner. In fact an early insta shows Jamie out at Warner, probably hashing how they would roll out the album.
  10. They tried that with PB and it leaked pretty early. Glad both Jamie and Damon and their new label Warner Music have made better financial and marketing decisions this time around.
  11. PM and I'll link you those 4 songs. Btw Ascension is fire. Vince is shaping up to be a GOAT rapper.
  12. They've stated many times that Hallelujah Money was not technically a single but more a response to the Trump inauguration. These songs are much more single worthy. But yes, that song isn't my cup of tea either. Damon should have sung more and not have the feature take up so much of it.
  13. Oh you're talking about vinyl pressings of their stuff? Yeah I've never had complaints about their releases on vinyl but they aren't spectacular or anything.
  14. If you really think the hype about Gorillaz was because of just a reissue, then you're way off, I'm afraid. Maybe on this board yes, but fans and I have been waiting for 6 years for new stuff.
  15. I got 4 new singles that I'm listening to. They're pretty goodddddd.