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  1. Sucks about the album. The album itself rules. It's gonna be a perfect summer banger of an album.
  2. Funko shit is so hard to figure out. All I know is that people go insane about Funko Fridays.
  3. All of these 200+ for the red, lmao. Kills me that I couldn't order this when I was able to. The poor student life.
  4. That deluxe looks amazing. Will have to preorder later but it's looking good. Also awesome he's playing in a tiny ass venue in San Diego.
  5. Definitely wanted that sweet red vinyl but I couldn't buy it at the time. If any of you have an extra copy, I will definitely buy it off you. PM if you do then!
  6. PM me if anyone has extra. Will buy!
  7. Where are the Ambient Music represses? I want those badly.
  8. Here's a pic of it. Mostly brown with hues of red, orange, and teal here and therere.
  9. Got my Metroid TP. Sounds and looks nice. Excited to get the full release though.
  10. LP is going to sell out so fast when that happens. Now we all wait for Body Work and Dear Tommy once again. And how about doing another tour!
  11. Yup apparently this is still selling out.
  12. Good news for the fans that were hoping that they would be able to get that deluxe edition with the art book, it's being repressed now. Bad news is that you'll be waiting for it at the end of September.
  13. I like the single as well. Holding off though since I want to hear the full album. What For never grabbed me as an album so I'm cautious for this one.
  14. Busy week for the Gorillaz people. Just today we got a new track. This one is completely a whole new B-side separated from both the Deluxe and Super Deluxe albums. We also have the new merch website that takes the old name of the phase 1 webstore, G-FOOT, that is now up: Last but not least on Saturday, you can livestream their full set at Demon Dayz Fest here: It's good to be a Gorillaz fan these days.
  15. Man, I so love that artwork but I couldn't really get thru any of this soundtrack at all. This soundtrack release is so awesome and yet so undeserved lol. I hate to be such a buzzkill about this release but the trailer music was better than this whole soundtrack combined. Wouldn't mind getting that artwork on one of their steelbook releases.