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  1. Apparently essentials can't be similarly priced like Mondo's LOU or Alien boxset. Nope they're gonna milk that pup. Plus that 2xlp would be shipped $50 anyways.
  2. Fucking lol @ amazon. Fuckboi packaging.
  3. So it's like $175 for a 6xLP and $100 for the 4xLP. No cover art yet. Pulling a Waxwork with that premium charge.
  4. That reviewer gave More Life a 7.8 and Pablo a 9.0. It's hard to believe that he didn't enjoy the playlist nature of like Pablo's. Keep in mind Demon Days has the same exact score on that site too.
  5. Will be holding until i can get sone money but damn do i want that.
  6. Yeah it was a framework that he had for an album. It was more of an accident that he ended up predicting Trump. He recorded alot of the album in Chicago and the majority of folks being American. Plus, Gorillaz has been the most successful of all his bands in America. The Fall was made during his PB tour. Anyways a good interview about his concept of the album:
  7. He was making this record back in 2015. Trump wasn't even the Republican candidate then. Cause Albarn has never been political at all before. No way.
  8. I would point out to them selling out Demon Dayz and a decent portion of the shows selling out to indicated at least a good portion of folks still being interested in the concept without even hearing the new album. I think it was insane that people lined up at 2am in the morning to go to the Rough Trade show a couple days back. I remember during the PB tour, which had a string quartet and the Syrian Orchestra, not even selling out many of their venues at all. In fact, they were lined up to play at the Hollywood Bowl but instead downgraded to the Gibson Amphitheater.
  9. I liked the single. Reminded me of MF Doom, Madlib material. Can't wait to hear it in full.
  10. I would think they're going to slap something that has Gorillaz - Humanz on it. This thing isn't out til August anyways. Pics of the deluxe vinyl book:
  11. If you want to be spoiled with the deluxe artwork book, you can check it scans on the Gorillaz reddit.
  12. Nice! Love that the book is just completely seperated from the vinyl and it is its own thing. Assuming that's what Jamie will sign. I guess we'll see if they do anything with the outer packaging later. Pretty sure it'll be some like Pazuzu's face or something like that.
  13. Speaking of news on the art side of Gorillaz, Jamie has fully confirmed a 10-episode order for Gorillaz.
  14. People slept on Plastic Beach that's for sure. That album didn't set the world on fire in terms of sales as it barely limped to over a million copies awhile ago, a huge far cry from DD and S/T sales. Stylo flopped as a single. OMH wasn't doing so hot as a single until Miley Cyrus was covering it at a show and people got super into it. It's just becoming different strokes for folks. I wouldn't lie that I would love Damon to have actual instrumentation on certain songs and maybe even bring back the dub from S/T, but I can't really argue with the product as is because I like it. But again, that's not everyone's opinion ie Derek's right above me right now.
  15. I can understand not liking the songs. I don't understand the V/A complaint at all though. Do you guys not remember that you had to get thru the first 3 tracks to even really hear Damon on PB? The majority of the tracks are either collab focused or him backing up others much like Humanz. RE, OMH, Broken, PB, and Pirate Jet out of 16 are the Damon only tracks and that's towards the backhalf of the album. Also Doncamatic and DoYaThing are both tracks that continued down this more electronic and collab heavy route too. The Fall was a break from the collabs mostly but that also still was electronic focused. Kinda surprised that people seemed sideswiped by this. Humanz at least has him on vocals on 10 of the 14 tracks so I think it's more how people are feeling about the production and style of the tracks more than there's a lack of 2D. That I can't fault people for not liking. But yeah if you're not feeling the album and you spent the money on the boxset, it's probably best for you to downgrade sooner than later. I'm still motivated because I'm really curious about the alternate versions and I like getting into Damon's mind with how these tracks were developed.