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  1. They're gonna have to set up a mail order quick cause how many of these records can they sell in a day realistically?
  2. FYI, those DAMN pop up shops will have the red vinyl for 30 bucks. Assuming the tour might have that version too.
  3. Anyone got pics of both Loser Editions? I wanna check them out.
  4. At least they finally did something with the damn box! Now all I want for them is to finally get here!
  5. Bingo! Awesome to meet him. Wish I could have gotten a pic but Amoeba is fussy about that.
  6. That's the inner artwork for the gatefold. It's a beauty.
  7. Well if anything this definitely throws out Baby Driver and War for making an appearing at the Con. Wonder what is being revealed then. I assume one of them will be Jock's ESB. Oh I definitely agree.
  8. Let's be honest. Kurtz's one sheet for the movie is still king.
  9. Yeah it's pretty good in my opinion. I'm also going to be there this year as well. Can't wait to see what they have for us this year.
  10. Anyone want to buy a Damn. shirt? It's a Large. PM if interested.
  11. What's the over/under that the National song is included?
  12. Who's lining up with me to try and witness this?
  13. Rough Trade's variants really sell slowly. The Mac Demarco 'This Old Dog' RT variant has been sitting there for awhile itself. Honestly it's probably because they have kept them as UK-based releases where the overseas shipping is almost half of the price.