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  1. Had to get a test press and leather die hard. Riding Easy vinyl prices are reasonable but shipping costs often cause me to wait on purchasing. Could not wait to spend some cash on a new Monolord though!
  2. Thanks for the updates. I'm on the way! 30 is very reasonable too!
  3. Thanks. This all helps. I caught the Third Man Records fest in Michigan a few years ago with the Raconteurs and a bunch of other Third Man bands. Your right about these things being a fun experience. If I see you, I'll say Hi.
  4. I'm going. What can I expect as far as lines? Is it usually fairly well organized? I'm asuming it will be like Record Store Day but much busier. I also remember reading that Third Man would stagger releases in the past at the Third Man store in Nashville. It would suck to have to get in line twice.
  5. Up at TTL at the moment.
  6. Did anyone else in the USA order the bundle from Hot Stuff and still waiting for it to arrive? I checked the tracking number and it doesnt look like mine has moved in almost 3 weeks.
  7. Wondering if Popestar is the Reaktor pressing on tour? Also any opening bands?
  8. Surprise drop!
  9. Second poster I ever bought from Mondo was the Stout Reservoir Dogs. I have not been able to purchase a Stout since. Kinda bugs me, but I did get the Batman.
  10. I can't speak for the vinyl but bought the CD's on sale a couple months back. Overall happy to have the b sides that have not been available and they sound good but probably just like they did when originally released. The live tracks sound like bootleg quality on both The Real Thing and Angel Dust. To me the studio albums do not sound remastered at all. Hope this helps a little.
  11. Today was my test. I told them to take their VIP and stick it, after too many of these gimmics around a year ago and vowed to never sign up again. I really don't like the idea of having to commit to a membership just to have a chance to buy a record. Sorry.
  12. Do they still play shows with no lights on? Just wondering cause I saw them last year and was a little disappointed that you could not actually see them. I could hear them and they sounded awesome but no stage lighting at all. Maybe it adds to the mystery? I'd be happy with at least a few lava lamps. Seems like with the bigger venues they are playing, they would not be able to play in total dark. I'd be interested know.
  13. Thanks, I've been waiting for this. Ordered.
  14. I ended up placing another order for the Red Die Hard after I did not hear from them assuming the worst so at least I'm getting one, but in communicating with them back and forth they try and make you feel sorry for them as if it's so much out of their control. They really need to make this right. They are going to have a lot of pissed off people here shortly. This situation almost sours me on the whole label. The other thing that really sucks is that I emailed them about this when there were over 20 Silver Die Hards left. They should have shut down the shop when people were noticing a problem, and I'm wondering at what point they figured out there was a problem? because it took them 2 weeks to respond to my emails. Just lame.