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  1. Yeaaaa, now we're gaining some momentum. Gold Kezia out of the way. 4 left guys!
  2. Clear Fortress acquired. 6 to go - BUMP!
  3. Bump - I have had absolutely no luck the past two months. Change this! Search For The Truth 7" *Black Kezia *Translucent Gold Fortress (Underground Operations) - Gold "PTH" lettering on cover. *Coke Bottle (Misprint of Green/Blue Marble variant) Fortress (Vagrant) - Normal white "PTH" lettering on cover. *Black *Yellow Thanks!
  4. Red/White and Opaque Blue instrumental should be arriving tomorrow according to USPS. Debating on grabbing the splatter as well - possibly start another variant collection for Periphery, haha.
  5. Bumping an old post for these represses. Get 'em while they're hot! Likely won't be seeing a repress again - or at least for another few years. Alternate covers with the opaque blue pressing being released as an instrumental version. Red/White Haze (/500) - $25.00 *Currently only 380 copies left* *Instrumental* Opaque Blue (/250) - $25.00 *Currently only 139 copies left* Or grab both for $45.00
  6. Could not agree more. KSE just doesn't hit home for me like they used to since Howard's departure. Fingers crossed Roadrunner represses EOH and As Daylight Dies, along with a pressing of the last S/T release. But we all know Roadrunner refuses to issue represses....i.e Slipknot's Iowa.
  7. Hey man! Sent you a PM about some PTH records!

  8. BUMP! I know someone on here has these - give them to me.
  9. $40 shipped for everything. Bump
  10. Grabbed them both! 'Bitter Pill' is a god damn beast of a track. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  11. I'll back this statement up all the way. I stumbled upon DF and VC around the same time. I spent the majority of my time on DF and acquired a large portion of my collection through sellers on there. Most of, it not all my white whales have been thanks to DF sellers.
  12. Ahh, it's all good. Thanks for the info guys - much appreciated. In that case, if anyone decides they no longer want their copy, then i'll take it - haha.
  13. A couple months late to the party, but if anyone happened to grab an extra copy of the Gray/Black Marble 'FutureSex LoveSounds' by JT - let me know. I'd love to grab it! Discogs prices are insane.