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  1. I have 2 copies of the splatter variant. Looking to possibly trade.
  2. I managed to grab Coheed (store only got 3) and the only copy of Thrice 7' they had. The store didn't order Space Jam for some reason.
  3. That's cool. Just keep me updated.
  4. If anyone grabbed an extra /500 and is willing to part with it, hit me up.
  5. I did not. I went to Atlanta to see them in October and get the tour exclusive repress and picked up another split just to see. It ended up being another Red/Black variant.
  6. I do, but again, no one is buying them over $100.
  7. I don't have what anyone is looking for. I'm a Silverstein variant collector and I'm not selling anything. Also, nothing entitled about telling people that i'm not interested in buying something for a ludicrous price of $100+ on something that was 30-40 a month ago. I don't mind paying over retail, but I'm not looking to pay ebay prices. Lots of people on here say the same thing. In fact, they troll posters for looking for Ebay prices.
  8. Also if anyone wants $100+, take that shit to EBay. This forum is for getting fair deals and helping people out.
  9. Dine Alone Records told me there is a possibility they have more and that they will be put up on their website. If anyone is foolish enough to spend over $100, I pity them.
  10. Seems pretty stupid to message someone that says they're not going to pay market price for something, and offer them market price. Why offer at all then? Also, I don't believe the prices on Discogs are the actual market. Only one has sold. Everyone else is inflating.
  11. Getting a few PMs. People seem to be skipping over the "reasonable amount" part.
  12. Looking for the Anniversary Edition 2LP with 7 inch. Looking to get it for a reasonable amount, not discogs prices.
  13. I'm not quite sure. Someone messaged me the other day saying that Silverstein is currently selling this on tour. He ended up with the Red with splatter as well, so I'm hoping I get lucky with the Red one in Atlanta this weekend.