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  1. enjoyed the first single, but "the workers are few" is very lackluster, cant wait to hear the rest of the album though.
  2. Anyone small talkers need marcy playground?
  3. Hitting another store to look at left over...what's everyone still looking for?
  4. At my grandmothers memorial but got one. Is it sold out? I like it being random but hopefully I dont get black
  5. anyone here need the Full Of Hell/The Body album on clear /100? I got it pretty much for cost so looking to pass the deal.
  6. Hero Tattoo/randyhallht
  7. @Holo could use that The Cure, if you want to be a homie and hook him up with it... im sure he'd appreciate it.
  8. that's awesome. im pretty sure my dude from the local shop was there this weekend, looked like a good time
  9. ask me next Monday when mine shows up, but I know a homie who said he hears stuff that he hasn't before so yea, its supposed to sound amazing.
  10. it might have been me, but if it not, I also super dig Monster Squad, and I will have to snagged them socks!