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  1. Morning all. Got today and tomorrow off, partay time
  2. bump
  3. oh that's what that is...I thought they were just ingredients I didn't know...
  4. Still have a couple of days left to join!
  5. bump
  6. Brackets are live, will be sending out invites later tonight, still plenty of time to join!
  7. was trying to quote figgy (stupid site) but it was bad. Didn't have high hopes but it's short and go have used more information for the story line, acting was a joke and the ending blowed.
  8. 100% backed
  9. brackets go live tomorrow, and once again im hosting my yearly CBS.Sports tourney, the same rules as the years past (which are stated in the OP) so if you wanna join (should be the biggest pot ever the year) send me a PM with your email so i can send you the link to join! anyone else exited for this year?!
  10. Watched Incarnate last night...don't make the same mistake I did
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