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  1. anyone reading God Country? How did you like the finale? I thought it was pretty cool
  2. Writing was very lazy, has potential but after a hour in it still didn't know what it wanted to be.
  3. Finally, somewhere I can send my creed CDs to get pressed on cool color vinyl...enjoy the ride better look out, I'm taking over their market!
  4. if anyone has any leads on an Edward Scissorhands under 30 bucks, let me know!
  5. section 116, row 8
  6. we got lower level sitting, row 8 out of 27, section 116, so felt they were pretty good. I kept trying after I got them to see if anything better came up but nope. after fees it was $251 for 2 tickets.
  7. so just got tickets for the Foo show in October, stoked to finally see them, after fees $125 is a lot for a ticket though.
  8. The Lure sounds interesting, will have to check into it. I thought XX was decent, tho I like anthologies. We tried to watch The Bad Batch this weekend, I was done with it a hour in. was bummed. can anyone confirm if the ending is worth watching?
  9. Shit, didn't know that. Fingers crossed
  10. yea I was, but with the other songs available that I wasn't aware of, im comfortable passing this up. thanks for looking out though!
  11. holy crap, was able to grab 2 Bruce Lee pops yesterdays for $45 shipped. PPG has them for $75/$85 and of course some on ebay are more. stooookkeeed. was a little skeptical but got shipping confirmation.
  12. well I first heard "last apology" so just listened to "Fractional" on spotify and its better than "last apology", still waiting though.