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  1. ha, was just about to do this. new song jams, ordered the Metallica gold with black smoke vinyl/250, stoked.
  2. The official Horror fan topic

    was bored last night and randomly chose a movie on Netflix that I thought would be horrible just because and it wasn't bad, The Damned.
  3. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    it was 5.07 GBP...cheaper than Sumerian....
  4. bullmoose is up, not a lot of info and that price tag, ugh http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26738029/glassjaw-material-control
  5. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    awesome, I grabbed the 3 remaining Waits reissues I need. stoked
  6. Actually dig the new song and was going to order but then realized why I never order anything from Sumerian, their shipping is fucking ridiculous. And you can save your “time to package, materials cost, blah blah”. Shit is ridiculous. Bummer
  7. Converge/Cult Leader west coast tour

    Shiiit. Thanks, the email I got said on tour so I thought it was only on tour. Awesome
  8. So I need that Cult leader lightless walk repress, anyone catching a date on the west coast tour that could grab me one, I’d appreciate it.!
  9. Finally getting a repress, out 1/26/2018. There may be some other variants coming, but this is all I could find right now. Bullmoose FTW Frail Words Collapse "brown/yellow vinyl - limited to 1500" http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26606548/as-i-lay-dying-frail-words-collapse-brown-yellow-vinyl-ltd-to-1500-in-the-us Shadows Are Security "blue/yellow vinyl - limited to 1500" http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26606544/as-i-lay-dying-shadows-are-security-blue-yellow-vinyl-ltd-to-1500-in-the-us
  10. LEGO thread

    heeeeey, lets bring this thread back. anyone have any lego sets they wanna get rid of?
  11. (WANTED) Foxy Shazam "Introducing"

    Don't care which variant but I don't want to break the bank, let me know if youre willing to part with a copy!
  12. (WANTED) Foxy Shazam "Introducing"

  13. (WANTED) Foxy Shazam "Introducing"

    I needs this
  14. The official Horror fan topic

    I can kinda see your point on this but if anyone is true on the horror train, rob is definitely one of the top. his interviews when he talks about being a kidand finding horror stuff is cool. house of 1000 corpses to me is a great homage to old b horror movies, and then he went toward his "studio" movies stage which I think he had limits put on him, thats why he crowdfunded 31 to basically do what he wanted. he did a pretty cool podcast with mick garris with some great stories.
  15. The official Horror fan topic

    I'm a zombie fanboy so I loved it and was dope to see in the theater. I also think his movie lords of salem is super underrated
  16. that's why I was wondering, I didn't know if they "found" more of the /300...but it let me add 1000 to my cart. regardless, $17 shipped is great for the album and sold my previous one like a dummy, so bought.
  17. is this a new pressing or the orange trans from before?
  18. The official Horror fan topic

    saw the new Insidious movie yesterday and its solid. probably the best since the first one. the main "demon" is cool, connected some dots and left it where they could do more in the future... also the showed the trailer for "truth or dare" which looks horrible but they showed "a quiet place" which looks solid, so I'm stoked on that one.
  19. Stoked for this but looks like all their variants are expensive. Stoked ordered this deluxe with picture book and 7 inch for not much more than the white http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26718587/nathaniel-rateliff-the-night-sweats-tearing-at-the-seams-deluxe-edition-2-lp-7

    maaan, could totally use a relapse discount code right about now...
  21. don't care about variant, the cheaper the better, let me know if you wanna part with a copy!
  22. The official Horror fan topic

    I really enjoyed it when we saw it in the theater. Was planning to watch again to see if it held up. watched Before I Wake the other night, wasn’t as bad as some movies in that genre. Couldn’t take Thomas Jane seriously with the hair tho