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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    Looks like another Fawlty Towers release this year. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26737740/fawlty-towers-second-sitting-soundtrack
  2. I interpreted it more as "Too bad that (insert band on Victory that you like) is on Victory.
  3. Rhino Records SYEOR 2018

    Not at all what this Rhino series is about, but I would love a pressing of Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Cue.
  4. I'm really liking it. it's basically a Beck/Daryl project with Beck writing the drum parts. I don't think it suffers the same way the new Quicksand did without Tom, but I think Todd playing on this would have given it more of the sound that would have been expected for their W&T follow up.
  5. Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism - $15.92 https://www.amazon.com/Transatlanticism-Anniversary-Vinyl-Death-Cutie/dp/B00EYRWVPC I almost bought it for $21 or so last night.
  6. Rad, thank you! It doesn't look to be a "select items only" sale. It worked when I added two random records from my wishlist. I lied. I have no idea what's included but there are definitely some that aren't. Bummer.
  7. But how many pizza boxes filled with 7"s will be released?
  8. Poison The Well - Opposite of December and Tear From The Red - $19.98. There's six left, apparently. I don't know if it's the clear or starburst pressing but at least there aren't any spelling errors. I'd also consider this a deal compared to Discogs pricing.
  9. They played Babe one of the last couple of times I'd seen them. I think it was one of the Brand New shows.
  10. Does anyone know what the art countdown for the Nightmare set that Mondo posted on Instagram is from? That was some badass artwork.
  11. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Just an FYI, vinyl and CDs are 25% off in store this weekend, beginning today.
  12. The Autograph Thread

    I don't know why, but in the comments on their FB post someone asked about Beck signed CDs. Newbury said this was at the request of Beck.
  13. The Autograph Thread

    I fully expected to see this as the latest post in the thread. https://www.stereogum.com/1966468/newbury-comics-selling-beck-cds-signed-by-mc-hammer/news/
  14. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Got mine today. Neon green is a terrible description. They should have called it Owl Cave Ring Green.
  15. Primus-Desaturating Seven-9/29

    Rad contest if you pre-ordered from ATO. All physical pre-orders are entered to win the Seven Goblins contest. Find one of the seven goblins in your pre-order and win! The winner of the grand prize Yellow Goblin will receive 1 poster from every show of the 2017 Fall tour (10/22-11/13) and 2 tickets to any of these shows you wish to attend. Find one of the other six goblins and receive a pair of tickets to a show of your choice (10/22-11/13) plus that night’s show poster.