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  1. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    MBV for under $30!? Thanks! Sadly OOS but let's hope it gets filled.
  2. Was one of them the Team Sleep record? Learned my lesson with that one. If it doesn't say limited to the crowd fund, just wait because it'll be available at retail before backers get theirs.
  3. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    Late to the reply, but I haven't listened to The End in a while. I remember not liking Elementary, but their previous album Within Dividia is really good.
  4. The Vinyl Digital Thread

    But they're not removing the entries, just the ability to sell boots, right?
  5. PO NOW: Rainer Maria - S/T LP

    Didn't dig the single but ordered when PO went live. Listening to the whole thing last week was like reconnecting with an old friend. To me this sounds more like RM than Catastrophe did.
  6. My copy arrived from Amazon today and I somehow got blue. Fuck yeah.
  7. My purple copy is somehow out for delivery today. It took two days to go from LA to Boston. Did media mail get its shit together this week?
  8. Primus-Desaturating Seven-9/29

    I wonder if they'll have a bootleg version like they did for Naugahyde and Chocolate Factory.
  9. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Just an FYI: Bullmoose is taking store transfer requests today.
  11. PO: DangerDOOM reissue

    I'd buy it again if it's uncensored, but I doubt there's any chance of that happening.
  12. tricot - 3

    You guys are on a roll with Japanese bands. The Lite and Mouse on the Keys records are so good. I'm looking forward to this as well. Their other albums are great.
  13. How was it? Did they have the new record for sale by any chance? I'm seeing them on Saturday. Can't wait.
  14. Record Store Day 2017

    Good question. I didn't know they had episode LPs until I looked it up yesterday. There's a cached listing on Bullmoose. It's a $25 RSD import, but no other details. The only music FT had was the theme, so I guess a $25 RSD import 7" picture disc isn't out of the question.
  15. Record Store Day 2017

    If that list is true, I'm honestly excited about Fawlty Towers picture disc.