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  1. Orchid Tapes Club

    Sent you a message man
  2. Orchid Tapes Club

    I don't know Sam or anyone else in that band but this personal attacking on a vinyl collecting site has to stop. It's getting weirdly personal
  3. Orchid Tapes Club

    I don't buy stuff just because it's Orchid Tapes - not a blind fanboy - but a big appeal about OT is this kinda stuff. It's a nice sentiment and it's included free in the order anyway, so why complain?
  4. Orchid Tapes Club

    Man, that's a really nice cover
  5. Orchid Tapes Club

    What do you think of the new Teen Suicide track?
  6. Orchid Tapes Club

    This club has eaten itself alive
  7. Orchid Tapes Club

    Need to hear Underwater Forever on vinyl
  8. Orchid Tapes Club

    Are Orchid Tapes heavily implying they're gonna be releasing Balam Acab's Child Death? Because that record is awesome
  9. Orchid Tapes Club

    Oh boy
  10. Orchid Tapes Club

    Curious... very curious...
  11. Really hope you guys get to hear that bonus Chicken track on that tape someday. It's special
  12. Orchid Tapes Club

    Sketch for sure. Would hate to pay a lot and not actually know if what was in my hands was official or not. Rather wait for a trusted seller
  13. Orchid Tapes Club

    Can you link? Can't seem to find it
  14. Orchid Tapes Club

    Thanks! It's purple