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  1. If Mondo steps up and does a legit release of this then I'll probably grab their Ratatouille release as well. But yeah I'm not playing the disney picdisc game.
  2. Waxwork Records Thread

    Dawn of the Dead now sold out.
  3. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    We call em "hot takes" now, the kids seem to have them.
  4. Waiting patiently for thread title change while I take a massive shit
  5. It looks folded up in the picture but why wouldn't they unfold it for the pic...
  6. And a map? Where'd this picture show up? Any more details on other extras? Edit: I see it at bullmoose
  7. I'm a whore, I'll get it and all the sequels.
  8. Might grab non picture versions of surtur rising and deciever somewhere down the line and MAYBE the empty case. But not gonna jump on colors.
  9. No holograms... yet. Decent price on The Last Jedi too. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0792JQVST/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I37O5LR3OMP6WM&colid=2DOPEVJQRXBDV&psc=0
  10. The STAR WARS Thread

    No holograms... yet. Decent price too. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0792JQVST/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I37O5LR3OMP6WM&colid=2DOPEVJQRXBDV&psc=0

    Hmmm nice colors, grabbed red and blue even though I already had them but was never super happy with the colors I had before. I already have the split yellow and green artbook version of that one.
  12. PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    I've not seen them live yet so no comment there but High Country: the more I listen to it and Low Country I geniunely feel that the band wanted to do something different and release the acoustic album but the label made them rerecord it into High Country. I don't know, I'm probably talking out of my ass but I've never hated HC but I love LC.
  13. Popmarket only has 7 sides listed while Bullmoose has only 4 but Moby Dick is on the tracklist. I'm sure this is just a typo, Jimmy Page may be crazy but he's not stupid.