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  1. Sounds about right if it contains all of the albums ...maybe order now while its only $40 after shipping to the states? edit: I thought you were talking weight edit again: I didn't read, just ignore me please
  2. I'm still mad at my myself that I haven't seen that yet.
  3. missed the VMP version but Damon can't stupid enough to not make a wide pressing after that sold out
  4. Bring on this and demon days reissue already
  5. Sweet, I'll order this one and see what the tour variant looks like, probably gonna skip the RSD one now.
  6. I'll probably get this but they went all out on that artwork, didn't they?
  7. Its just a pissing contest now, even the fan page (which I used once to find a hotel room floor to sleep on for comiccon) is pretty much dead. ps. your signature gif is awful (its the best)
  8. Yup, first show I went to I was probably 24, I had a few drinks and got in the pit. Had some fun and obviously you're bumping into people who don't want to be in the pit, you try to just brush it off and apologize. Somewhere down the line I must've bumped into the same person more than once and he sucker punched me in the back of the head and started wailing on me when I was on the ground. Now I wasn't trashed drunk but I certainly should've remembered getting back up and finding my friends covered in blood. You don't want to get bumped by people in the pit: move. Its that simple. This was all during Circa Survive so by the time Coheed came on, I was over it and had a great time covered in my own real blood. Anyway, fuck detroit.