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  1. I'm with @DOMAN127 on festivals but Foo and Queens on the same day, I could fuck with that. Also the only Ohio stop is Cincinnati... ugh. I thought you WERE them?
  2. I'll probably get that as well, I have an OG but i'm sure Mondo is gonna make it worth my time.
  3. For everyone that missed it before (like me)
  4. I got the deluxe from matador with media mail $42.10, did I just get lucky?
  5. Thats what I just ordered
  6. Those monkeys uptown told you not to fuck around.
  7. I have their Allman brothers live at American university and it was pretty warped but fixable with vinyl flat. Other than it's aight
  8. Looks like it's about half the size of the first book but the same price, as my man Dougie would say "That's Weird."
  9. I'm not sure what the consensus here is but my local shop has told me that he will be getting these for the same prices you see in the shop. Thats why the only thing I've ordered so far is Deviations because were not sure what the cutoff for that is and that one might not make it to stores.