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  1. Agreed, I'm not a fan of Hellraiser but different packaging is always fun... as long as it fits on the shelf. Also I ordered Iron Fist, immediately sent a message asking if they could combine any orders for shipping (Hot Fuzz, Alien). Roxy responded LITERALLY less than 60 seconds later. People can shit on Mondo for whatever personal reasons they might have but customer service will never be one of them.
  2. I feel bad for my local shop but that $33 amazon price for NTAE was just eating away at me, so I finally ordered all 4 today from sandbag. Now time to see if they're really that bad.
  3. As long as it gets a proper release and not one of those 12" picture discs for $26, then I'll be about it.
  4. Never watched more than the first 2 episodes but I can't stop now.
  5. My local shop said he would get it but at this point: in store date in sight 2. price for NTAE going up to $33 on amazon after he told me his prices would be the same as the NINstore 3. people are finally getting them I'm tempted to just order from NINstore and tell my local shop: sorry, ya snooze ya loose.