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  1. My buddy got everything for me except Townes Van Zandt - Live at Austin City Limits, if anybody came grab that for me I'd really appreciate it. To break up the feed, here are some pics of me doing something fun (why I couldn't make RSD).
  2. I appreciate it, this is the 2nd time they've released it. The first time was an RSD release super limited too.
  3. I know of no store around me getting it but if someone can help me grab me a copy of Waylon Jennings - Waylon Forever. I would really appreciate it. I promise I'm not the monster my avatar makes me out to be.
  4. FCWL? I'm Going To Kill You? I missing a joke here? I'm genuinely lost at what you're referring to, it could be The Last Jedi trailer scrambling my brains
  5. I know the IKSSE3 tour they sold no more than 40 per show and one per person, so you should be fine just get to the merch booth early. Not everyone in line will be buying it but don't sleep on it.
  6. I plan on grabbing one for myslf in Chicago, I know during the IKSSE3 tour they limited them to one per person but I'll see what I can do. I am very good looking so maybe they'll hook me up.
  7. Hmmm I might sign back up for the lp and dvd but use the 7" as a frisbee and put used rubbers in the box or something.
  8. You're making me feel better about it but I still need to see it, gonna try tomorrow on my day off.
  9. soldiersalutingwhilerubbingoneout.gif