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  1. Nice!! Is it all that you dreamed of? Now what? If you don't mind me asking, did you get everything off of ebay? or do you have any sources that I might not know of? (since you're done). Yeah, I saw that the last Blue & Red's to sell were in the $100-$135 range and the cheapest listed now are $180. I'll save my pennies and get in touch soon. Is it sealed?
  2. Bad time to ask because I literally just bought a mint, unplayed copy of the Angels EP this morning. It was listed under "memorabilia" rather than "records", so I don't think as many people saw it. Stoked to have it and don't think I'll regret it in the long run, but I dropped $175 so I broke right now. Maybe in a month? What condition is it in? Thanks!
  3. Great collection ps.! Ugh, I'm depressed now though. Getting closer myself. Here's what I need (like most), if anyone wants me to make an offer... -California -Rescue Blues -white Cardinology -The Finger -Clear Orion -Vahalla -Nuclear -Wonderwall -RnR Face Cover -Patty Duke -Gold Red & Blue -everybody knows 12" -Live after deaf box Thanks!