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  1. Welp, I couldn't hold myself back from buying one. Here's hoping I get a colour, although if I don't I won't be disappointed. Guess I have *two* /100 copies of this album now. Huh.
  2. Got that sweet, sweet /200. Love this band dearly and SideOneDummy always releases STELLAR records so I couldn't be more excited for this preorder. Got one of my friends into the band too. They ordered the /200 as well. Double stoked.
  3. Got my Relic coming in the mail... hell yeah! Gonna try for one of those screenprints, but no hard feelings if I miss it. So excited to receive and see my Relic... it's the only colour I haven't seen a picture of online.
  4. I want it. Badly. This is my favourite release of the year so far... I will get this. Somehow. Somehow...
  5. Sold WYDS - and sold the teal Home. Alex G records still available - once one is sold, the other stops being for sale!
  6. I love this record. To think that it's close to being my favourite Caretaker release of all time and there's still 4 more stages left... I'm really looking forward to hearing them, god damn.
  7. Honestly! $25 for a single LP and then $10 on top for shipping. Ridiculous.
  8. Oh. Wow. That's so ridiculous, honestly, Sumerian is just... beyond words when it comes to shipping. Yeesh.
  9. Alternatively, there's a splatter variant on Merchnow... Probably less shipping. I hope. I might go for the splatter just because of that!
  10. I can only hope they'll be announcing the new album on vinyl, too. Which is very much what I expect the announcement to be. If they do, I'll surely buy it As Quick As Possible. With Sumerian I 100% expect vinyl if it's a new LP, so be prepared.
  11. Finally ordered this album. Been jamming it *constantly* lately, it's surprisingly incredibly solid. ShopJXR somehow had 1 copy of the mint/black/white so I got that. Really hoping it wasn't a fluke and I get it in. Stoked.
  12. I've checked out with Moment of Collapse before, surprisingly affordable US shipping. Did manage to miss that /100 colour from MoC but just went for the /200 blue-in-clear-with-white from TL anyways. I don't mind cause that variant sounds wicked and I'm excited for this album.
  13. Vinyl, too! Translation Loss already has it up: /200 Blue inside Clear w/White Splat /300 Electric Blue Really excited for this one.
  14. Whoa. This is actually really cool. Never listened to this band before now, but dang, this is good.
  15. eh, it's a mixed bag. it's not particularly my favourite work from them, so the disappointment of storenvy not holding my cart while checking out is enough to make me just succumb to just not spending my money on it. overreaction? i dunno. probably. i'll just use the money on other preorders.