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  1. It's an ok track. I still yearn for them to make songs like Hiding again, but I know that won't happen. Wish they would have pulled at least a little further away from their last album, though. It sounds like Keep You but without the darkness that made that album separate itself from the usual soft-indie-rock aesthetic. Don't get me wrong - Keep You was refreshing in their discography, and when I saw them play songs from that album live alongside their older songs I fully appreciated that album. But... it feels like they're playing it so safe now. In the end it's up to them, of course, I just hope they're not doing this to fulfil any quota or contract or anything.
  2. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    I'm actually kinda glad I missed the /200 black in blue because that splatter is killer. Gonna look so good.
  3. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    I'm so excited for LP3. Going to buy whatever cool deluxe or limited version appears, no hesitation.
  4. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    I have not listened to this yet, but those two long-as-hell songs make me very, very interested. 11 minutes! The hell is Jeff doing? Love it.
  5. Looks great, although I only have a limited amount of funds so I left off two. They're all good! Just had to pick up the ones that have had the most impact on me.
  6. About as good a time as any to put these in my collection. Christmas is expensive.
  7. I kept regularly sleeping on the represses of these things and I am very tempted to buy a whole bunch of these as a Christmas present for myself. ...Maybe a lot of money but potentially worth it?
  8. Thank you Caleb and DW crew. Bought one of the clear YFM from all the way over here in the UK. Make sure to pack it well. Sending love your way, hope y'all have a good holidays.
  9. Heyyyy nice, gonna have to pick up that VIS 7". To justify the international shipping I'll pick up that Owel 7" and maybe something else, too.
  10. If I were in the US I'd help you out, sadly I'm going to a show in the UK next year to pick up the green so shipping would be nasty. If you haven't got it by then (april), let me know. I'm sure someone here can help, though.
  11. Damn, that single is banging. Haven't got enough of this type of music recently, most likely going to preorder sometime soon. Very refreshing.
  12. Sweet. Gonna give them an email + order this now so I don't end up being disappointed when it sells out. What else do you think is gonna end up with an end of year press?
  13. I want that green Mono No Aware a lot, does asking to hold them so they can ship together end up with them combining shipping at the end, or is it just convenience's sake? I'm certainly going to be ordering more than 1 of these. Boomkat is great. Excited for what's to come.
  14. Same. Even thinking about TWIABP at all makes me angry. Their amazing earlier work is gonna be tainted with the memory of the current state of this godforsaken band and this album. Sucks.