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  1. Personally, I think the alt cover is gorgeous and the variant is too - however I completely agree on the front re: Jack White. Not a fan of his business practices at ALL.
  2. (edited, a friend managed to get me one of the /1000s)
  3. New single is great. Hope the preorder goes up closer to release date so I don't have to spend money on it now... but knowing the way hype works re: singles, it's probably going to go up soon. Mmmmight not preorder it, but looking forward to hearing nonetheless.
  4. Way too expensive but I did end up dropping the money for the /100 deluxe. Just really love everything about the presentation... bound to be an amazing album
  5. I'm not listening until I get the vinyl in but everything about this is beautiful so far. The artwork, the track names... it's falling apart. Cannot wait to get it in.
  6. Would be sick! Seeing them next week, I'll check.
  7. does anyone have any clue where that green/blue merge will pop up/is for sale? As seen in the variant set pic Hopeless/the band posted, of course. IMO that colour fits the record the best.
  8. Absolutely would love this. Going to own all 6 on whatever colour they all come out on (probably all blue, which would be very nice!) April 5th couldn't come faster. Echoing the above... can't believe how long it's been since Stage 1.
  9. I don't post here often anymore, but when I do, it's for records like this. Culture Abuse are absolutely amazing people, this record is going to kill. KREU has a pink/blue, bought that as SOON as I saw the announcement. Infinite recommendations from me.
  10. Triple gatefold with die-cut slipcover. No idea if the translucent green in the deluxe is different from the standard green, but the production looks sleek as hell. The slipcover and tri-fold is enough to satisfy me.
  11. For any EU or UK friends, you can stop freaking out because we've finally got lucky: Deluxe triple-gatefold slipcase preorders. /300 for the acid green, /1000 for the white. £25 + shipping. Hallelujah. http://euunderoathstore.eraseme.io/uk/music/erase-me-deluxe-die-cut-lp-translucent-green-vinyl.html http://euunderoathstore.eraseme.io/uk/music/erase-me-deluxe-die-cut-lp-milky-white-vinyl.html For USA friends, you can stop freaking out soon, there are copies being listed to your version of the Underoath store at some point too I imagine. Description says they will be.
  12. It's an ok track. I still yearn for them to make songs like Hiding again, but I know that won't happen. Wish they would have pulled at least a little further away from their last album, though. It sounds like Keep You but without the darkness that made that album separate itself from the usual soft-indie-rock aesthetic. Don't get me wrong - Keep You was refreshing in their discography, and when I saw them play songs from that album live alongside their older songs I fully appreciated that album. But... it feels like they're playing it so safe now. In the end it's up to them, of course, I just hope they're not doing this to fulfil any quota or contract or anything.
  13. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    I'm actually kinda glad I missed the /200 black in blue because that splatter is killer. Gonna look so good.
  14. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    I'm so excited for LP3. Going to buy whatever cool deluxe or limited version appears, no hesitation.
  15. Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    I have not listened to this yet, but those two long-as-hell songs make me very, very interested. 11 minutes! The hell is Jeff doing? Love it.