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  1. Would be lovely if they got off Sumerian. I dislike almost everything Sumerian does re: vinyl and Hopeless does a much better job. A BSN repress would be sweet.
  2. Yeah I'm so glad this album shipped early. It's absolutely perfect summer music, love it.
  3. The new single rules so much. Grabbed a splatter, been watching them but couldn't hold off any longer. $12 to ship to the UK (I'll have moved by the time this comes out) but absolutely worth it.
  4. Got the tricolour. Super excited, god damn.
  5. Yeah, one of Eric's exes posted emotional abuse evidence late last year. Glad they were able to come out and explain the situation and bring a conversation to the scene. I feel like they handled it well. I was slightly reserved about ordering the record as they hadn't talked about it yet - but I'm happy they decided to open up about it. Now I'm definitely going to be all excited and vocal to my friends about this album. Good to see them acknowledging things with care. I feel like they addressed it well enough for the position they were in.
  6. That sold out quick! Wow! So happy it sold well, these guys really deserve it. Looking forward to this SO MUCH.
  7. I'm excited for this record, although not quite certain where this came from. i don't want to create beef or be a jerk on the forums so I apologise if something I said recently made that seem like my intentions. must've said something that i don't quite remember.
  8. This album is going to slay so hard. No doubt. So excited.
  9. If anyone missed out on the tour green (or the dunedevil blue/gold!) and wants to pick them up, here you go: Great little shop, lots of nice stuff - I've bought from them before and it came packaged like a tank.
  10. LP2 is going to be amazing, holy shit
  11. 400 – Half Hot Pink Half Halloween Orange with Classic Black Splatter 500 – Aside/Bside: Hot Pink and Classic Black 500 – Solid Color: Bone 500 – Classic Black with Hot Pink Heavy Splatter 600 – Ultra Clear with Hot Pink Splatter 1,500 – Half Hot Pink Half Beer 4,000 – Half Hot Pink Half Ultra Clear with Classic Black Smoke Pretty big press, lots of variants that we don't know where they'll end up yet. One of them is an EU exclusive, I know that much, /4000 would be retail... rest, I don't know.
  12. Oh yeah, definitely - I just think if the Holy Terror variant is cool enough and a good deal cheaper than the Relapse ones I would be cool with buying it.
  13. That single is brutal and awesome. Love the tricolour /100 3xLP but way too expensive for my taste, might go for the half/half /400 3xLP. Or the splatter /100 that is supposedly going up on Holy Terror soon... will have to wait to check that one out.