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  1. I'd be excited if it was released through Black Cement or Memory Music or honestly any label other than Sumerian. Fuuuuuuuck ordering through Sumerian so hard.
  2. So I pieced together some of the "secrets" that you can find by following certain paths in their Facebook bot - four combine into the piece on the left, the red one doesn't fit in - I think it could be parts of the album cover. Can't seem to find any more at the moment. Whatever it is, it looks cool.
  3. I love Node, honestly, change in frontman be damned, which probably makes me much more excited than anyone who was lukewarm towards Node. Also worthy of note: their website has a countdown timer on it now. I would wholly expect this to be a countdown to the album's announcement.
  4. I am really, really tense and excited for whatever new album Northlane is gonna put out... the singles are really, really good. Hope this gets "officially" announced sometime soon. I don't think there's been any clues on the actual album details yet, but one can hope.
  5. chants repress garbage! repress garbage!
  6. Very few of the Western Addiction / toyGuitar / The Sorority / Jungle Cat record release show split flexis are up on Western Addiction's bandcamp! Go get 'em.
  7. Heeeyy the /400 variant of this is very close to selling out. Looks to be only 13 left in stock, so if you're on the fence, probably best to spring for it. Excited for this album, as the new track sounds damn good.
  8. Thanks for keeping me in mind - no worries at all. Seems that the coloured record that went up in the webstore is gone now, so I bet it was overruns. Happy with that, so no harm done!
  9. No idea, but I'll report back when I get mine in. Either way, looking forward to it, since I missed the initial preorder for coloured copies.
  10. For any stragglers: coloured vinyl is back up for Western Addiction - Tremulous.
  11. Luckyyy. IG seems to be a pretty good hook-up place for location-dependent records, a shame I never use it. If only he could get two (I'm p certain it's only one per person, but I can dream)!
  12. Damn, awesome! I desperately wish I was anywhere nearby the label so I could go down and pick one of those up.
  13. I already have two variants of this so I don't need a third - but y'all should jump on this. That variant is beautiful (and, as a bonus, it's the most limited out of the entire lot of pressings so far). Also the album still slays. Best record they've put out.
  14. Relic GOOONE from US store. Nabbed it the moment it went up. That colour variation is SO sweet, I am so excited.
  15. I'd expect a shipping notification early next week. Really excited to hear everything given the enormously positive reception. Haven't heard a second - waiting to hear it all in full.