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  1. 15 Passenger has the same colored versions up now. Apparently these are each limited to 2000 worldwide: https://15passenger.bandcamp.com/
  2. PO (Soon?): Beck - Mutations

    My copy from Sweden did, and I assume UK gets the same pressing. There was no indication on the sticker that the 7" was inside.
  3. Wolf Parade - Cry Cry Cry (10/6)

    In case helpful to anyone, I got my order confirmation at 11:33am ET the day they went on sale and got a signed copy. Also lucked into seeing them in Toronto tonight in a ~150 person room. Holy shit what a show. Saw them a couple times in the early days in rooms like that, but it's been a long time. Anyway, catch this tour if you can. New material is great live.
  4. PO (Soon?): Beck - Mutations

    Preorder from Bengans (Sweden) for about US$28 shipped: https://www.bengans.com/en/artiklar/beck-mutations-vinyl.html Same UPC as listed on Bull Moose, and tracklist includes the 7" bonus songs.
  5. The Third Man Records Thread

    In case you're still wondering. About an inch and a half of extra depth.
  6. PO up for new Matthew Good, out October 20: https://matthewgood.store-08.com/music/mg050028-matthew-good-something-like-a-storm-12-vinyl/
  7. Is this mould?

    Could be. You can always clean them with some diluted isopropyl alcohol if you're worried (Google for instructions). Make sure to replace the inner sleeves after cleaning.
  8. Agree. The only other similar box I have in my collection is this one (which happens to be the only context in which a pizza box is acceptable): https://www.discogs.com/Fat-Boys-Fat-Boys/release/4054743
  9. No reason to be using boxes like that. Such a cheap-out move. Very disappointing.
  10. The Third Man Records Thread

    Yep. Probably about an inch of extra space in the depth, and loose on the length/height too. And it's just a box--no insert to hold the book/print/pins as they've done on other box sets. You'll definitely need foam or, as trickster said, other LPs to fill the space. Can post pics later unless someone beats me to it.
  11. The Third Man Records Thread

    The box on this Vault is kind of disappointing. Way too big relative to the contents and no inserts.
  12. Some copies of the box signed by Jeff are available for $200, for a good cause: https://www.walkingwallofwords.com/giving.html
  13. Has anyone gotten the signed postcard bundle from DFA yet?
  14. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    They had copies of the Bob's Burgers box set that were listed as having an "Autographed Poster". Many people (myself included) assumed this meant it would be autographed by most, if not all, of the cast. The hype sticker said it was signed by "cast members". It ended up that the posters were apparently autographed randomly. Some people got the full cast, some people got a few, some people got one (I got only Eugene Mirman). After complaints and returns, they changed the listing to "Autographed Poster by one or more cast members".
  15. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    May not be David Lynch, but Barnes & Nobles has a preorder for copies of the new soundtrack with an insert signed by Angelo Badalamenti: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/twin-peaks-angelo-badalamenti/31732662