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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Thx finally picked one up, got all 4 variants now!
  2. PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

    Try edsawesomesounds.com, I have been getting all my MOV titles from there for good prices lately including SNOT
  3. I thk they sold out. Can put in cart but not get past shipping screen...
  4. PO SOON: Snot - Get Some

    This album changed my life, def going to pick this up RIP Lynn!
  5. drool.. If you sell Orchestra, def hit me up, lets talk...
  6. exactly my thoughts/ strategy. I already got an OG of classic, but i'd grab another. Really wish they would do 'Almost Famous" always thought that was the best group album, but all the Legends and side projects should get a re-do. Gold vinyl, Success is Destiny, or splatter of "fuck the Dumb" would be great.
  7. hook up those pics man, I think I got all the easy ones to tell apart
  8. yes, they have redeemed themselves!
  9. Yes one of their short comings was def that Team Sleep sorry excuse for a record.
  10. copped one, nice they didn't bundle it.
  11. scored a NoName, last minute reprieve!
  12. I hardly check twitter anymore, but I just followed her in hopes of scoring some vinyl. Thx for the heads up, I still say fuk VMP tho they did the same thing to me on the Quazimoto exclusive, I signed up first day and they don't mention they oversold till send out time. Don't tell me it took them a whole month to find out the 500 they had wasn't going to cut it
  13. Sounds like SRC, I mean VMP done fucked up I ordered my NoName first day avliable. Not getting one so far. Just bugs me VMP saying "should have ordered sooner" umm how bout you press a few moRe.? Make more money and the fans are happy? Just a thought . I only re-upped for biggie. Better be something like Dr. Lector to get me back