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  1. Ugh. Probably since they said it's an "RSD First" release they can't make any other ones available till then.
  2. How far out was the preorder from the ship date for IKS when they reissued that? I can't remember. I hope that it's earlier than RSD.
  3. Full official list comes out today, I think. Anyone know what time?
  4. Signedd up for a month to get The National, and was hoping I'd be able to swap Demon Days for something else in the shp, but apparently the one month doesn't allow for that. So if someone wants a copy I'll sell them mine once it arrives.
  5. Can I get a referral code so I can get The National please? Gotta keep the collection alive!
  6. Holy fuck that just made my day. Scored a Baizley!
  7. I got mine from Music Direct, after using a 20% off code I got it for $20 shipped.
  8. Really want the RSD version, but as long as I can fill the missing spot in my collection, I will be happy.
  9. Hope they have a US date near me on the farewell tour. I haven't seen them since 2004 and would love to see them one last time.
  10. Orange /200 White /200 Lilac /600
  11. Did you find any US store that have it for preorder?