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  1. It's a very good remaster. Everything is clear and crisp. Only listened the whole way through once but it's one of their best sounding records sonically.
  2. I'm interested to see where the price settles at. If there isn't a wider release after the web store exclusive, there will be like 6,000ish copies (if the tour variant is out of 1000. The most recent repress of SSTB was out of a total 5,000 (3000 green, 1000 white, 1000 black) and you'd be hard pressed to find that for under $100.
  3. I'm only missing the Beaver Records 7". That's been my white whale for a while. I used to have more Coheed variants but I've been selling them off recently.
  4. My updated Coheed collection (for the most part)
  5. Jesus Brian I only have a half hour break to read everything
  6. 2,500 RSD variant 2,500 Direct 2 Consumer variant ???? Tour variant. Doing it as and RSD First release is a good way to move products. The D2C variant will be available online on April 29. All this info is available if you read back through the thread.
  7. I got Coheed (last copy) and Dillinger Escape Plan and got out, didn't really browse. Now, back to bed. Happy RSD everyone!
  8. 6:45 and I'm like 20th in line. They have 6 copies of the record I want so pray 4 me
  9. For some reason that's what I was picturing over something like the gold from the Afterman set. I dig it. Mine will be here tomorrow.
  10. My store said they've got 6 copies so fuck it imma stand in line Saturday morning.
  11. Hell yeah they're taking Tera Melos on tour with them.
  12. I have the mint in clear and love it. The only disappointing thing is watching live videos of them, the singer sounds nothing like he does on record, it's kinda offputting.
  13. I mean, the other option is to not limit how many they sell and then have none of the exclusives left for later dates on the tour/people buying a ton and flipping them, so I get why they limit it to x number per show.