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  1. New song. It's very rad.
  2. Fuck yes I've been craving a new TM record recently.
  3. Jesus Christ the new songs are killer.
  4. The color is disappointing, especially after how beautiful the VMP presses of Sad Songs and Cherry Tree are. It bugs me that they don't show the sleeve for the 7", does that mean it just goes in the Boxer sleeve? I'll probably get this even though I already have it on yellow and black though. Ugh.
  5. Here's the 7in that will be given out at their shows this weekend. Also I just got tickets to the newly added Pittsburgh date and am beyond stoked.
  6. I know The National released it as a 7" already if that has any bearing on it.
  7. How much is it?
  8. This year is the 20th anniversary of 3 Dolla Bill Y'all so I'm hoping for something, this is a good start.
  9. Damn, wish it was 3 Dolla Bill or Chocolate Starfish, I already have Significant Other.
  10. New song, Guilty Party Also, they're having a "Guilty Party" in Hudson, N.Y. next month, featuring collaborative performances, and those attending get a limited edition Guilty Party/The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness 7". If anyone is going, I will gladly buy the 7" off you to keep my collection going.
  11. FUCKKKKK I missed clear Touche :((
  12. No date near me If there's some sort of your exclusive variant of something, will someone grab that for me?
  13. They posted an announcement is coming soon. Live at BBC Vol 3?