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  1. Bought one of the tour variants so I'm selling my RSD copy. Looking to get $50ppd, if you think that's too high, make an offer, or take a look at my wantlist and we'll figure something out. Just wanna got rid of it asap.
  2. Just listened to side A, sounds real good. I'm happy with it
  3. Whoever Subpop uses is top notch. I have the 6 LP Eugene Mirman set and it's the same thing. For a release like that or the Bob's Burgers set it'd be real easy to let quality slide, but props to Subpop.
  4. I was gonna wait for the Hot Topic version.l but I just saw it at my local record store and picked it up there instead.
  5. I didn't even see the one without the download at first. That is crazy haha
  6.*/*/Something-To-Tell-You-LP-Digital/5IZ00000000*/All-Products/Something-To-Tell-You-LP/5IW20ETW000 Very excited for this album. I love Days Are Gone. Gonna wait till the price comes down though.
  7. The single is so good. Hopefully there is still blue left on Friday.
  8. Apparently there will be a limited blue variant from 4AD, according to someone on Reddit.
  9. Really dig the music, not so much the vocals though.
  10. Pretty sure right away. When I ordered when the link got out early, it charged me then.
  11. I just sent them an email about cancelling my order. I got the RSD version and couldn't justify another $50 on the D2C variant.
  12. It's a very good remaster. Everything is clear and crisp. Only listened the whole way through once but it's one of their best sounding records sonically.