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  1. Does it have the long gap between Slide Show and BFL or does it go right to it? I was listening to this album on Spotify the other week, sulking that I didn't order this box set and it had a long gap between the two. I can't believe in a digital era I still had to wait through 2 minute of silence to hear a bonus track .
  2. It's usually immediate but their referral system can get wonky. I'd check with the person who's link you used and see if they have theirs. If not, one of you contact [email protected] with both email addresses and they will usually just apply them.
  3. I'm pretty excited for this. His Lamentations EP was really good.
  4. It's actually available to the general public now. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/store-exclusives/the-war-on-drugs-slave-ambient-a-deeper-understanding-bundle
  5. It's like 3,000 copies at random. I've only ever got one and that was Dent May last month.
  6. I missed this thread the first go around so I'm just catching up with it now. I knew it was going to be good. It did not disappoint.
  7. Why is B&N cancelling orders?
  8. That Flipbin on top of that speaker is making me nervous.
  9. Are you sure that's not just front and back? The hanger is facing the opposite way.
  10. I'm actually more worried because changing speeds on my Orbit is a bit of a pain lol. Most of the time if I'm playing 45 RPM and I forget to move the belt back and it sits to long it's very hard to get back on 33 unless it sits for a couple minutes.
  11. Still waiting for my VMP copy to come. Just curious, is the new album 45 RPM like the past ones have been?
  12. Just so you know, you can buy the new War on Drugs without a membership. But the bundle is a pretty good savings.
  13. They announced the first 2. Next month is Common "Electric Circus"