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  1. I ordered it anyway figuring that $17 is probably going to be the price most other places with or without a signed 7".
  2. Nice! Does it say what the 7" is? I had just picked up Ordinary Day on RSD.
  3. Somehow I've avoided listening to any full tracks from this album. I'm going in to this one blind. Mew can do no wrong IMO.
  4. This is much better than people sharing their referral codes.
  5. Yeah, that Islands record is pretty damn good. I'm surprised it's there too when their customer base is very indie rock heavy.
  6. Agree about jumping on a full membership. Especially since it looks like you can still get a monthly subscription.
  7. I had a couple referrals not go through, I emailed them my email address and the person's email address who I referred. We both got $10 credit no questions asked. Are you mad that they might not believe you or that people might take advantage?
  8. Not sure how Strand of Oaks (AKA the best album of the year so far) is still in the store.
  9. I don't understand, they're having tech issues and offered to give you and your friend the $10 credit still. I'm missing the problem? Also, referral links are working again.
  10. I hope their copy gets a corner ding during shipping.
  11. Every one order Wells Fargo immediately!
  12. Looks like Referral links are working again. (At least mine is so you better use that one to be safe!)
  13. I would be careful with that because for all other monthly subscribers their account will be charged on May 2nd to get Fiona. I would just email them and have them sort it out before your cancel and possibly miss out.
  14. This is what I thought last month so I asked one of the staff on the message board and they said if someone was charged right away it was a mistake. So if that's new, it's new this month.
  15. Ok. I'd be curious to know what they say about that.