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  1. Mine shipped from Amazon UK. It only ended up being a little over $26. I kind of forgot it was coming out this week. I was thinking August for some reason.
  2. Am I the only one who likes the gray?
  3. It's still available in their store. If you're not currently a member they announce their August AOTM today. See if it's something you like than sign up and you can still add Fiona.
  4. Yeah. It's still a VMP exclusive but apparently part of their negotiation to get it is that they had to offer it to the public and not just VMP members.
  5. Interesting. I stand corrected. They didn't announce that a head of time.
  6. They said on their forum that they received a shipment of leftover RSD stock.
  7. Haim is a member exclusive.
  8. Actually it's the opposite. Unless you cancel it you're going to be auto-renewed for 3 months. You just have to go to your Account page and hit cancel membership before August 2.
  9. Anyone know if it gives you the option to select Paypal Credit? I'm worried if I hit "Pay with Paypal" it's just going to place the order and charge my bank account. Edit: Nevermind, I saw they are leaving the pre-order up until Sunday. I will wait patiently until pay day.
  10. @timsimmonsdoes your original pressing have it?
  11. I wonder of the vinyl version includes "Blue Flashing Light"
  12. Rivaled only by Jersey City.
  13. What sleeves has anyone got to fit over this? I typically use SC Ultimate 2.5 but the jacket is too big for it.
  14. Monday morning bump! Remember, it's free shipping when you buy 2 or more. Feel free to shoot me some offers too.