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  1. Not to mention if VMP did nothing but big releases like Demon Days and Tidal they'd probably be broke. I'm sure big records like that cost them a lot more (possibly even a loss) and they make up for it on records like Morby. Not to say Kevin Morby won't be a good record, but I can't say from a business end I would blame them if they were setting up their releases in that fashion.
  2. Yes. I'm not sure why it says "Learn More" but it sold out a day or two after going on sale.
  3. Don't forget about Main Source that was also OOP.
  4. Were you on the waiting list or did it literally ship a month ago? Smart Post must depend on where you live because I get my packages from VMP faster than anything I've ever gotten through media mail.
  5. True if they're just trying to re-coup their money they put in. But they would get unlimited swaps so hopefully they could find SOMETHING they like in the back catalog.
  6. At least with a 3 month membership you get 2 additional records.
  7. Sometimes older Albums of the months "Sell out" but then they find boxes in the warehouse. They don't pull the full quantities online. It's happened in the past with The Fugees. No guarantee it will come back but it could.
  8. I've always wondered that to. I think that was sort of the point he was trying to make to. As I understood it anyway.
  9. I think he just meant in general people asking for $200+. There's plenty of listings at that price. But now that i'm looking at the listings. How much do you want to bet the ones that "Don't include artwork and drink recipe" are people that just claimed theirs was defective to get another copy.
  10. Probably this. I would trust Bull Moose to fill an order before other random sites around the internet.
  11. I'll have to remember to do that tonight. I was just listening to this last night too.
  12. I've been listening to the 2 Kevin Morby songs from the new album on Spotify. They took a couple listens to grow on me but I really like them now.
  13. Weird. Were they actually sold through Amazon or third party sellers?
  14. What do you mean? Usually when I look at an Amazon listing it shows MP3, CD and Vinyl Version all on the same listing.