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  1. Unless your a fan of 70's African Funk, February doesn't seem like the right month to jump on board for something like that. It's announced tomorrow but it's going to be Ayalew Mesfin. You could also join and swap though. So if you see something else in the back catalog you like you can get that instead. Monthly members can swap now.
  2. I believe they do intend to press more copies of Demon Days, but with the exception of a few high demand AOTMs, what you said, once they're gone they're gone.
  3. $29 for main sub plus $23 for Rap Hip Hop sub.
  4. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    You can still order it at that price and it will ship when it comes back in stock.
  5. Just be aware, VMP said if anymore of these would go up it would be a different pressing, not VMP's. If that matters to anyone.
  6. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Wow, mine actually showed up in hassle free mailer that was inside another Amazon box.
  7. I'm not sure and it's hard to say. In 16 months I've only gotten one and it was in a replacement record.
  8. I think it's almost every month with some months not having one.
  9. Is it going to be on " little backpack black" vinyl?
  10. Looks like it. I just checked this morning and it was there but now it looks like it's gone again.
  11. I'm pretty sure no because when you re subscribe you are just re activating the same account.
  12. Oh ok. Sorry don't have that one. I got Knox Fortune but I don't remember which one that came with.
  13. Which one came with St. Vincent? I forget.
  14. I'm pretty sure The side subscriptions are only month to month. Someone who subscribes to one can correct me if I'm wrong.