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  1. Yeah, but at the rate people seem to be talking about Swapping on the VMP forums I think it's a pretty safe assumption that there will be leftovers.
  2. Yes. It will sit in your account as a credit until your membership actually charges on March 2. Just make sure it shows up because sometimes when you use a promo code it doesn't show up and one of you has to email them.
  3. I think they just put that line because no one has any idea what it is yet. As much as I would love Achtung Baby or Zooropa it won't be because one of the clues is that it came out during a president's 2nd term. And those came out during Bush's first and only term and Clinton's first term.
  4. Interesting. I've looked at the Discogs for that release so many times and have missed that. Well then that gives me hope for an eventual re-press of that as well. It's amazing the huge difference in selling prices of the best of 80's and the best of 90's on Discogs.
  5. I'd love a pressing of The Best of 1990-2000 too, though it was never originally pressed on vinyl.
  6. Damn, I just bought an OP Best of 1980 and it's not even a favorite of mine.
  7. Also, is that date June 4th or is it European for April 6?
  8. Where can I pre-order these in the US immediately?!
  9. That's true. There's only GREAT ones. Amirite?
  10. They are having a flash sale on some older exclusives. Pretty good prices on Ride and Grandaddy. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/flash-sale
  11. I just got an email that made it sound like In Absentia is shipping next week as well. I thought that was coming in March.
  12. Because your forced to read a thread every time it bumps?
  13. Yeah. Who? Also, considering that album was originally $40 a $25 list price is a deal.
  14. People apparently didn't want these Amazon Deals in the Amazon Deals thread so.... New thread.
  15. Unless your a fan of 70's African Funk, February doesn't seem like the right month to jump on board for something like that. It's announced tomorrow but it's going to be Ayalew Mesfin. You could also join and swap though. So if you see something else in the back catalog you like you can get that instead. Monthly members can swap now.