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  1. By the time I got around to completing checkout Route One it was OOS
  2. If I were to only have enough for one of these, which one is the one to get?
  3. Me too. Someone directed me to this place to buy one. https://easystreetonline.com/UPC/656605613420/Sufjan-Stevens_Tonya-Harding-Colv
  4. Updated with what has been sold. AIC is back on the table.
  5. Bump. Because tomorrow is RSD I'll do Free Shipping if you buy 2 or more!
  6. Yeah, the picture on Bull Moose is the same picture on his website. Exclusive cover and all. Pretty sure they're all one in the same.
  7. Loser Edition is up on Bull Moose http://www.bullmoose.com/p/27253389/father-john-misty-gods-favorite-customer-loser-edition-metallic-purple-vinyl-w-jacket-variation
  8. "The Creator Has a Master Tape" would have been a killer instrumental.
  9. When I was in checkout it showed a Postcard and a sticker.
  10. I'm using Chrome and Paypal checkout. I just ended up ordering off Bull Moose. No post card but oh well. Maybe I'll try again from my home computer later and switch up if the post card id still available.
  11. Am I the only one getting to an order summary type screen but don't see anywhere to finalize an order? Ugh! Frustrating. I want to get one of the autographed postcards. I select my payment method and delivery option and it shows me an Order Total but nothing says "Submit Order" or "Finalize Order"
  12. I'm doing a little Spring Cleaning to my record collection. I'm selling the following. Add $4 Media Mail Shipping. FREE SHIPPING IF YOU BUY 2 OR MORE! US Shipping only. Everything is in great shape. Let me know if you want the specific condition of anything. Alice In Chains - Live Facelift (RSD Black Friday 2016) $22 Alt-J - This Is All Yours (Green A/B, Yellow C/D) @ $10 *SOLD* Damien Jurado - Brothers And Sisters of the Eternal Son - $7 Hoops - Hoops EP (Clear) @ $15 The Offspring - The Offspring (Blue RSD Version) $18 Phoenix - Ti Amo (Coke Bottle Clear) $8 Radiohead - OK Computer (This Version) $15 *SOLD* Rostam - Half-Light (VMP Yellow) $24 (Has some slight corner dings but otherwise in great shape) Let me know if you're interested in anything.
  13. I think Pop sounds great. The production on this album was never great but this is the best that I've heard it sound.
  14. I cancelled my Bull Moose order and ordered it from Amazon.